If You Get Hungry, You’re Doing it Wrong!

This morning, on April 7, which also happens to be my 50th birthday, we return to my roots of human physiology, fat-loss, performance, and the bastardized pseudo-scientific field of nutrition, where I’ve worked more than 30 years at the absolute top-level.
Today we’ll look at the latest article published by T Nation, a piece on “appetite suppression” written by Chris Shugart, where they claim that you don’t need an expensive injection to curb appetite during a diet as there are “healthy” and “natural” solutions available.

Well, in all honesty, you should not need any of these at all, and we’ll get to that as we dismantle these claims and the faulty “logic” behind them.

Chris Shugart starts his article with saying, “The best diet is feeling full.”

No, it’s not. Feeling ‘full’ is awful. You should feel satisfied and energized after a meal, you should feel good and ready to go. If you feel full, or if you feel like you need to take it easy for a while after a meal, something is very wrong – as in you have consumed foods that are not compatible with human physiology and your body is having a hard time taking care of it and recovering from being poisoned.

Then he continues, like the brainwashed little twat that he is, “The worst diet, however, might be feeling no hunger at all.”

Again, no. Hunger indicates that you are lacking nutrients, that you have one or several nutrient deficiencies, that you are malnourished. If you feel no hunger at all, that means that you have enough nutrients in your body and that, for the time being, your body has everything it needs. How can that be a bad thing?
Sorry son, you’ve been severely brainwashed and dumbed down by that bastardized field of “nutrition” that you wrongfully think you have a grasp on.

A simple example is fasting. In the past, when I still followed a mixed “fitness” diet, or even a ketogenic diet with plenty of toxic plant-based foods, as in vegetables, nuts, and seeds, I would always get a little bit hungry when I fasted, or even when I did intermittent fasting, only eating during a few hours every day. However, since going fully raw carnivore in 2018, I could fast for 9 days without one single moment of hunger, because I no longer had any deficiencies. Every single carnivore I’ve spoken with share the exact same story. Same with more than 200+ clients I’ve helped since 2019. We who follow our species-appropriate, species-specific diet never get hungry, and we never get any cravings. This once again proves that such feelings are simply your body’s way to tell you that it need more nutrition to sustain its metabolic functions, that your current “diet” is severely lacking, that your current way of eating sucks!

Shugart then continues with, “This is one of the problems with the new, overprescribed and often over-dosed weight-loss drugs using semaglutide (Ozempic and Wegovy). These injectables suppress hunger mostly by slowing gastric emptying and regulating blood sugar. Or maybe it’s just harder to eat when you’re nauseous, vomiting, or glued to the toilet.
While these drugs “work,” most users regain the weight after cessation. The current studies show users gaining back about two-thirds of the weight. Some regain more than they lost on the drugs.”

Yes, I’ve covered these incredible stupid and damaging drugs in my articles, “The Pure Madness of Semaglutide Appetite-Suppressant Drugs,” and “You’re Still Completely Wrong About “Weight Loss”.”

But there’s another issue: metabolism damage. When you have zero appetite, you don’t consume enough protein to maintain muscle. When you lose muscle, you slow your metabolism and regain all the weight, even if you’re eating what was previously a maintenance number of calories.

The maker of these drugs (Nova Nordisk) doesn’t mind, of course. They admit it, saying, “…patients experience weight regain once they stop taking taking the medication.” At around $1300 a month, they’re happy to have the return customers.

Yes, you do need a certain amount of protein in your diet, which is never a problem if you follow our natural species-appropriate diet of animal protein and animal fat. And yes, muscle loss will lead to reduced metabolism, but that is not the main issue. The big problem with not eating enough for extended periods of time is the nutrient deficiencies that you develop, especially from lack of animal fat. These deficiencies will shut down your hormone production, and really turn down your metabolism, as a lack of nutrients interferes with all your metabolic processes. Muscle mass can easily be regained as soon as you eat more food, but nutrient deficiencies is much harder to correct and most people are oblivious to human nutrition, to the simple fact that humans are obligate hyper carnivores, and the only way to stay nourished is to have enough animal meat and animal fats in your diet. There is no other way. And I bet that those who lost some weight by severe starvation due to these idiotic drugs go right back to their shitty diet of mostly plant-based man-made carbohydrate– and seed-oil “foods” after they go off the drugs – and now, due to being even more malnourished, they will be even hungrier than before.

After that introduction, Shugart claims that there are healthy foods and “supplements” that can control appetite in a similar fashion to these dangerous drugs.

Four Foods and Supplements that “Control Appetite”

Yes, I put the “control appetite” within quotes, since it’s all complete bollocks. But let’s see what Shugart has to say.

1. Protein

Protein is the most satiating macronutrient, and the most thermogenic. Go ahead, try to overeat enough protein to gain body fat. You’ll just get very full and burn more calories.”

Yes and no. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient while digestion takes place. And that is the important message here. Protein takes longer to digest and it supplies a steady stream of amino acids into the bloodstream for many, many hours. While this happens, your body is focusing on taking care of that nutrition, on healing tissues and perhaps converting some of it into energy via gluconeogenesis, so any feelings of hunger from malnutrition is suppressed. However, if you did not fix your nutrient deficiencies with that meal, you will become hungry again – as hunger is the body’s signal that you’re lacking vital nutrition. So, in that essence, protein is just a band aid, as it will block hunger a little longer than a meal of mostly fat or carbohydrates. However, it did nothing to correct the problem, the problem that you actually experience hunger.

Was that too complicated for you Shugart? Oh yes, you want to sell us your protein powders. So better not tell the whole truth, right? Because you’re not that stupid that you do not get this simple fact, right?

A low-protein diet actually triggers overeating and cravings. If you don’t meet your body’s natural protein threshold, it “asks” for more. Only problem? Most people reach for carby snacks instead of protein. Based on the studies, that minimal, hunger-stopping amount of protein is between 85 and 138 grams per day, far less the average American consumes.”

In part, yes. If you lack protein, as in your body is forced to break down tissue to get the amino acids, it will trigger hunger and cravings, just as if you lack any essential nutrient. Remember, in the case of fasting, you’re relying on autophagy where your body is breaking down damaged and dysfunctional tissue to get amino acids, so as long as you do not have any other nutrient deficiencies, you will not get hungry.

With that said, most people do not consume too little protein, especially not those who read your website, as you are tailored to bodybuilders, fitness athletes, and other active athletic people. So, why do you think bodybuilders get hungry on a diet? Yes, because their diet suck! Too much toxic carbohydrates, seed oils, vegetables and other non-human food stuffs. They do not get enough nutrients, and especially not enough animal fat and life-giving cholesterol.

And after that Shugart serves up some links to their protein powders, go figure.

2. Psyllium

It’s been called the poor man’s Ozempic. Psyllium is a form of soluble fiber derived from the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant. You know it as Metamucil, the orange-flavored drink that makes Grandma poop. But it has more uses than that.
Have a serving with a big glass of water 20 minutes before large meals and you’ll painlessly reduce the amount you eat. Or have it between meals when the hunger bug bites. Psyllium forms into a gel-like substance in the digestive tract and helps you feel full

So, let me see if I got this right, you recommend consuming toxic fiber that severely damages your intestines and feed the wrong gut bacteria, causing unnatural fermentation and gas production, and that also forms a big blob of jelly in your gut, instead of consuming nutritious animal-based foods that will fix your nutrient deficiencies and hunger problems for good?

Oh my, that is seriously retarded! No further comments needed.

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil)

According to at least one study (Howe, 2014) omega-3s “… offer multiple mechanisms to counteract obesity, including appetite suppression.”

Researchers think it might have something to do with brain neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, but “more studies are needed.” Other studies have been mixed, but this might come down to the dosages used. As with all things fish oil, benefits are dose-dependent, and you probably need a big hit of omega-3s to realize the appetite-control effects.”

Do I need to tell you that I removed the little bit where he linked their omega-3 supplements? Anyhow, omega-3 is just a natural occurring fatty acid that you will find in most animal-based foods, especially in ruminant animals and in fish. So, if you’re animal-based, as humans should be, you’re golden.

Also, if you look at real studies with some meaning, as those done by Bart Kay, you’ll find that about 90% of all omega-3 and fish oil supplements are rancid and full of damaging aldehydes. Omega-3 should be consumed in its natural state, from the flesh of animals. And that is why studies differ on their so-called “effects.” If you poison yourself with rancid fats, your body will be in an emergency state for many, many hours, trying it best to clean up the mess, and during that time hunger will be blunted. Your body will not encourage you to eat more of that vile stuff, that’s for damn sure.

4. Green Tea

According to one meta-study, green tea catechins combined with caffeine significantly increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation while helping with appetite control. The caffeine component may decrease your perception of hunger, but it’s probably the catechins doing most of the work. Green tea catechins modulate the appetite-regulation hormones (ghrelin and leptin) with the overall effect of reducing hunger.

Green tea also appears to improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity. Stable blood sugar levels reduce cravings. Some studies also suggest that green tea may delay gastric emptying, making you feel full longer.”

Tea, or ‘hot leaf-water,’ is extremely toxic and should not be consumed by humans. Anyone who think that it can be good for you has to be retarded — it’s made from leaves and leaf buds, for f**k’s sake. That is as far away from human nutrition we can get, it’s self-explanatory.

Again, and this is so simple and logical that I should not need to explain this. What is happening when you drink tea, or coffee for that matter, is acute poisoning from all the toxins you ingest when drinking these toxic slave beverages.
When you have been poisoned, you are in a state of emergency, and of course, feelings of hunger will temporarily disappear as your body is prioritizing to get rid of the toxins. Whenever you get poisoned or “diseased,” hunger will be blunted during the critical detoxification phases.

Again, Chris Shugart was totally out of his depth and completely off the mark. And this article was simply a disguised advertisement for protein powders and omega-3 supplements.

Now, here’s a better idea, instead of damaging yourself like a dumb slave, transition to our natural human species-specific way of eating, which will make sure that you are fully nourished. And being fully nourished will also make any changes you wish to make to your body composition feel like a walk in the park, all while it will save you money in the long run as you will never be tempted to buy any fast food, man-made food, drug, or supplement ever again.

If you need real help with health issues, fat loss, and/or transitioning from your current way of eating to our natural species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating, I’m available for both coaching and consultation.

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