Testosterone and Sexual Abstinence

Today we return to T-Nation and an article on ‘Testosterone and Sexual Abstinence’ that they pretty much got right, well, except for the lame supplement crap they try to pull every single time. Still, this is almost worthy of celebration. So, let’s see what they had to say, and I’ll fill you in as we go along. “Believe it or not, thousands of young men avoid masturbation (and even sex with real-life women) because […]

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If You Get Hungry, You’re Doing it Wrong!

This morning, on April 7, which also happens to be my 50th birthday, we return to my roots of human physiology, fat-loss, performance, and the bastardized pseudo-scientific field of nutrition, where I’ve worked more than 30 years at the absolute top-level.Today we’ll look at the latest article published by T Nation, a piece on “appetite suppression” written by Chris Shugart, where they claim that you don’t need an expensive injection to curb appetite during

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Cyclic Dextrin is Toxic Crap

The supplement-shills over at the “fitness website” T Nation continues with their disguised advertisement articles based on flawed science and backwards thinking. This time it is (once again,) their CCO Chris Shugart, who obviously knows absolutely nothing about human physiology, pushing Cyclic Dextrin also referred to as Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin (HBCD,) a type of high-molecular-weight maltodextrin. Now, HBCD is nothing new, it’s been around for a long time. It’s simply a dextrin, produced

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More on Erections and Erectile Dysfunction

Today we return to the fitness- and bodybuilding website T-Nation who once again tackled the subject of erections. Last time, it was TC Luoma who shilled for the supplement market with pseudo-science nonsense and fell flat, literally.This time it’s the “Chief Content Officer” Chris Shugart, which means that he is responsible for the brand development, so I guess the topic of erections fits their business model. Anyhow, let’s see what he has to say

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Stubborn Body Fat

Yesterday, the T-Nation staff published an anonymous article about “stubborn body fat” due to what they call “insulin insensitivity.” And as usual with these bro-science and pseudo-science-based fitness-websites, they almost got a few things right — but as always, they got most of it wrong. Let’s see what they had to say on this subject. They introduce their “article of solutions” by explaining that it is easy for a guy to go from 25%

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Fewer and Larger Meals is Our Natural Preference

Yesterday, the Bodybuilding and Fitness website T-Nation posted an article about a study from late 2023 on the effects of a single 100 grams of protein serving after a workout. Back in the day, people used to have some weird belief that you could only absorb about 30 grams of protein per meal, which of course is extremely ridiculous (and we’ll get to that.) Actually, a lot of people who are oblivious to the

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Women’s Fitness — Preparing for a Fitness Competition

T-Nation, ranking among the 10 most visited ‘fitness’ and ‘weight-lifting’ websites in the world, recently posted an article called “6 Hard Truths That’ll Get You Stage Ready” written by some Gareth Sapstead. As a former elite coach for 25+ years myself, and before my real awakening in 2018, I might have agreed with most of his “truths.” Now however, my main focus is health, life quality, longevity, and simply doing this ‘body transformation’ and

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