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If You Get Hungry, You’re Doing it Wrong!

This morning, on April 7, which also happens to be my 50th birthday, we return to my roots of human physiology, fat-loss, performance, and the bastardized pseudo-scientific field of nutrition, where I’ve worked more than 30 years at the absolute top-level.Today we’ll look at the latest article published by T Nation, a piece on “appetite suppression” written by Chris Shugart, where they claim that you don’t need an expensive injection to curb appetite during […]

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Memory Decline and Dementia is Not Natural

For today’s article review we return to the gatekeeper and controlled opposition Dr. Joseph Mercola, and as such, he will reveal some truths by hiding others, and blatantly lying about the major ones, such as the extreme dangers of long-time exposure to plant foods and toxic carbohydrates. In this article, from March 23, 2024, Dr. Mercola analyzes “6 Healthy Lifestyle Habits That May Help Slow Memory Decline,” and in turn, I will analyze his

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Any Amount of Sugar (Carbs) is Too Much!

A few days back, we discussed some of the controlled opposition and shill health sites over at our uncensored community forum It started with “Dr. Mercola” and then I added “Dr. Axe” to the mix – and that’s where we’re going today, as Dr. Axe and his crew posted an article about sugar, simply titled, “How Much Sugar Per Day Is Too Much?” Well, that’s easy to answer as all types of carbohydrates

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The Simple Truth About Obesity

The governmental Big Pharma and Medical pseudo-science shill-site Healthline recently posted an article raising the question if obesity is “genetic” or “environmental.” While those living in the illusion of right vs. left, as in conservatives vs. liberals, always chose one of the opposites, as they have been programmed to do, the truth is usually quite simple and very logical. Trainers, coaches, fitness influencers, and those leaning to the “right” often tell those wanting to

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Stubborn Body Fat

Yesterday, the T-Nation staff published an anonymous article about “stubborn body fat” due to what they call “insulin insensitivity.” And as usual with these bro-science and pseudo-science-based fitness-websites, they almost got a few things right — but as always, they got most of it wrong. Let’s see what they had to say on this subject. They introduce their “article of solutions” by explaining that it is easy for a guy to go from 25%

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Dr. Eric Berg: Healthy Keto vs. Dirty Keto

Muscle & Fitness recently published a Keto-based article based on an interview with Dr. Eric Berg. And while Dr. Berg might seem ‘controversial’ and ‘censored’ on YouTube in the eyes of the sleeping general public, he’s still somewhat trapped in the pseudoscience and ideology of nutrition. So, let’s see what Muscle & Fitness and Dr. Eric Berg has to say about the Ketogenic Diet and the multiple versions of it. The article’s preamble paints

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Human History: Losing Body Fat is Not Hard

The other day CNN featured an article on “weight loss,” kind of glorifying body fat as a survival tool, which it once was while claiming that it’s really hard to lose it, which it absolutely is not. While the article is biased, it’s not that terrible for something published by the Jesuit-controlled CNN. Let’s break it down. “(CNN) — If you think it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off, you are not

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