This is NOT Food! If You’re Struggling to Get by Financially, Focus on Real Food!

As the cost of ‘food,’ ‘electricity,’ and simply the cost of living have dramatically increased during the last year, I see a lot of people struggling to make ends meet. This simple fact should make food choices much more important, cutting out obvious bad nutritionally deprived junk, but for most it doesn’t. Unfortunately, people have been programmed and dumbed down with the common belief that anything you put in your pie hole is food and that it will ‘nourish’ you. Nothing could be more wrong.

For example, I recently saw a post from a woman who has been struggling financially for almost a year and was expecting to get some money during the week. As this did not happen, she got furious because she had planned to ‘treat’ herself with ‘pizza,’ ‘Coca-Cola,’ and ‘chocolate.’

That is pure programming driven by malnutrition. The idea of ‘treating’ yourself with something that you believe ‘taste good,’ because your taste-buds are messed up, comes from your body screaming for nutrients. And that is not food. That is pure poison, totally void of any nutrients. It will not nourish you; it will not help you feel or perform better, only the exact opposite. And, the idea of wasting money on pure crap to ‘treat’ yourself when you’re struggling financially is pure insanity — again part of the programming from commercials, tv-shows, movies, and holiday festivities.

Actually, we see the same pattern within the ‘fitness community,’ among those people you would think have a grasp of nutrition and would make better food choices. Well, most of them will pig-out once a week during their fat-loss diets to ‘treat’ themselves as they have been dreaming of treating themselves all week and with the excuse that it will rev their metabolism. In reality, all it does is overtax the digestive system and organs from all the crap and toxins they consume, stressing the hell out of the body.
And the simple fact that they get cravings and feel hungry in the first place is not because they are losing fat, it’s because their bro-science diet is abysmal and lack essential nutrients. You only get hungry and experience cravings if you have nutrition deficiencies.

Although most athletes and ‘health-oriented’ people do consume a little bit more nutritious foods during ‘off-season’ like meat, fish, and eggs, than the average man or woman, they all lack a proper definition of what food is. Our society govern by the Food Industries, Big Pharma, and corrupt governments have blurred the lines since the industrial revolution.

Food is actually defined as nourishment; a material that consist of essential body nutrients to produce energy, stimulate or sustain growth and repair, to sustain vital processes and maintain life.

Unfortunately, the majority of people only focus on “food” that will check off one of these requirements, namely ‘produce energy.’

And thus, to be honest and fair, things like pizza, bread, soft drinks, candy, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and anything that is made from plants are not food, as they do not fulfill the criteria as they lack essential nutrients. They cannot sustain growth and repair, nor can they sustain vital processes or maintain life.
Actually, all of them are inherently toxic to humans and will cause health problems over time.

So, again, if you’re struggling financially, why would you make your situation even worse by consuming complete crap that will make you sick? Not to mention that it will actually rob you of energy, dulling your brain and senses, contributing to depression and other mental disorders, simply digging an even deeper hole, worsening your situation.

Same is true for those with money to spend. Why would you consciously poison and hold yourself back? Even if you’re still trapped in the food lie and believe that vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit is good, we all know that junk food and processed stuff is bad, yet most people consume it weekly, if not daily.

If you’re struggling, you need to put yourself first and improve your situation, and it all starts with your health. Focus on the most nutrition-dense foods available such as organ meats, eggs, and the meat and fat from ruminant animals such as beef and sheep. That should be your treat if you ever wanted one. Even if you have to rely on noodles or pasta to get enough to eat, keeping these highly nutritious foods as a base will guarantee that you do not become malnourished or sickly. Also, they are not more expensive than most processed junk, and especially not if you were to calculate the cost in relation to real nourishment.

And if you have money and want to be your absolute best, the same is true. You need to focus on the same staple foods, and even better, fully adopt our natural species appropriate, species specific diet of animal foods. Humans are carnivores, there’s no other way around it, and we will only thrive when we follow an animal-based carnivorous way of eating.

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