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The Simple Truth About Obesity

The governmental Big Pharma and Medical pseudo-science shill-site Healthline recently posted an article raising the question if obesity is “genetic” or “environmental.” While those living in the illusion of right vs. left, as in conservatives vs. liberals, always chose one of the opposites, as they have been programmed to do, the truth is usually quite simple and very logical. Trainers, coaches, fitness influencers, and those leaning to the “right” often tell those wanting to […]

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No, Never Eat at Night

As the year comes to an end, we return to T-Nation and a short article by diet- and protein-obsessed Chris Shugart. This time it’s about late-night eating, and although he understands that it’s a bad thing, he still misses the big picture and presents some very bad advice. He begins his article with quite a cliché, citing: “An old expression goes like this: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner

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You’re Still Completely Wrong About “Weight Loss”

Sima Sistani, CEO of the Freemasonic and health-damaging company WeightWatchers, has of late become well-practiced at saying the three little words of “We were wrong.” That’s a lot of “W’s,” you know, the letter that when flipped counter-clockwise becomes a ‘3,’ symbolic for Freemasonry. Since early October, Sima Sistani has been on the bandwagon of putting the blame on outside and ‘uncontrollable’ factors, just like what the fraudulent “Health Care” industry and the Medical

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What Makes You Fat?

This topic has been requested for a while. I already have several articles touching this subject, so this will be a simple breakdown and summary. Let’s start with some uncomfortable truths. Being overweight, or worse, being obese, is not natural, it’s not normal, it’s not something we see in nature with other species unless they are to go into hibernation, prepare for a cold winter, or about to migrate to new grazing/hunting areas. In

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The Fat Gain Formula

Today we revisit T-Nation and take a look at an article that is actually quite decent, although a bit slanted and shortsighted. The article is called ‘The Insidious Formula for Fat Gain,’ and is written by Jade Teta, a former personal trainer turned “doctor.” As usual, he begins with the ‘calorie’ dogma, stating that eating too many “calories” and “burning” too few will make you gain weight. No, doc. Calories are a measurement of

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Weight Gain and Why Some Pack on the Pounds While Others Struggle

As a former trainer, coach, and body transformation specialist, I’ve covered this subject many times when talking with clients and answering questions online. The topic resurfaced at our Community Forums at Ungovernable, so I decided to write this article to cover all the basics and to put some myths and bro-science to rest. The first excuse, or “explanation” you hear, is about your metabolism. You know, “I eat a lot but have a high

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