New York Adult “Diagnosed” With Polio – More Virus Programming

If you haven’t researched Polio, it’s a very ugly tale of disinformation, deceit, cover-ups, and maiming vaccine experiments. It’s also a very emotional subject for those who have been indoctrinated with pictures of crippled and disformed children, as well as the terrifying iron lungs. As for Polio, it seemed to appear abruptly from nowhere in the early 1900’s to become a problem. Unfortunately, this was when Rockefeller had hijacked the medical community and used …

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Know Your Poison: Goitrogens

Goitrogens are a number of chemical agents that come in various forms. You’ll find them in antibiotics, plastics, pesticides, NSAIDs, environment pollution, and in some plant-foods. Actually, all goitrogens are derived from naturally occurring plant pesticides called glucosinolates. Plants have three main types of goitrogens; goitrins, thiocyanates, and flavonoids. Goitrin is the result of the enzymatic breakdown of the glucosinolate called progoitrin. It targets thyroid peroxidase (TPO), which is an enzyme found in the …

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