Shills be Shillin’: Herbal Medicine and the Plant-Based Psy-Op

Recently I’ve seen a few “truthers,” that previously have delivered pretty correct information regarding the pseudo-science of the germ theory, as in the falsehood of pathogens, viruses, and contagion now post and pushing for plants and ‘herbal medicine.’

One of the posts said something like this:

If eating plants causes disease, how did herbal medicine ever get off the ground and remain a primary form of medicine for thousands of years?

I have covered and explained this in many articles for the last 5 to 6 years. And as you should know, humans are obligate hyper carnivores. Anything from the ‘plant kingdom’ is toxic to humans. And if you understand that ‘medicine,’ ‘drugs,’ and even some chemically derived vitamins simply block the symptoms of an ailment because they pose an immediate threat when consumed, you should also understand what happens when you consume something considered to be a ‘herbal remedy.’ It’s the same mechanism. You introduce something toxic to the body, something that poses an immediate threat and also activate your digestive system and thus directly involve your organs. This threat takes priority and the healing and detoxification you currently were “suffering” from will temporarily be shut down while your body deals with the new threat, hence relieving you of the current symptoms. Many of these remedies also has a stimulatory effect, increasing stress hormone and other hormones, giving you a little boost of energy while temporary improving alertness, as your body perceives the situation as dangerous.

Of course, people who do not understand the effect or our human physiology, will believe that this is good, that it helped them get better. However, by simply using some logic, you should reach the conclusion that nothing could magically make you better within minutes or hours after consuming it, when your natural detoxification and healing takes days, or sometimes weeks.
Believing that a ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ remedy made you better within minutes and also assisted in healing is extremely retarded and wishful thinking.

Now, some of these “truthers” will go on and say something like this:

But, but, but, I could just as easily say the reason people get better from anything they eat is because it suppresses their symptoms of detoxing.”

Sure, you can, and you’ll be wrong, you little twat. If we consume something that is not toxic while we are detoxing and feeling symptoms, as in consuming animal fat and animal proteins, there is no difference to the symptoms. There is no sudden and temporary relief. And with that said, we who do follow our natural species-appropriate diet usually only detox for a few hours or a day at most, as our bodies are healthy and can detox pretty much 24/7. Thus, there are rarely any toxic build-ups that take longer, unless we’ve been under a lot of stress or been in very polluted environments.

Then the alleged truther might say:

But, but, but, I’m actually talking about “edible” plants here. You know, those plats that millions of people over thousands of years have worked out through trial and error of what was edible and what wasn’t.”

What is “edible” is not the same thing as what should be considered a food or a remedy. What these people have figured out over the “thousands” of years is simply what is toxic enough to outright kill you on the spot, and what is not. While all plants are toxic to humans, they all fit in on a gliding scale ranging from deadly, to moderately toxic, and all the way down to simply being mildly toxic. The least toxic plants might seem edible because you can tolerate them in small quantities without any sudden symptoms, and even more so if you soak and cook them — especially in the past as people were healthier and could detox more efficiently. They could simply tolerate plants better when they could not get enough meat in their diets due to population increase and scarcity. Still, that does not mean that these low-toxic plants have magical properties or that they provide any kind of nutrition, because they don’t. They are still toxic and they are not meant for human consumption.

Also, and this should be something that ANYONE who study this should know, and that is that every single vegetable, fruit, and most of today’s “edible” plants do not exist in nature! Pretty much anything that is considered “edible” in the plant kingdom today has been genetically modified and cultivated by humans during the last hundreds of years (not to mention all the pesticides used.) And the oldest one are rice and grains, which has been cultivated for thousands of years. Grains does not exist naturally in nature – it is extremely unnatural and although we can tolerate it for quite some time, the toxicity and the damage build up, especially in our digestive system.

And that is another thing many of these so-called “truther shills” seem to push, as in plant-based foods. Something that does not even exist in nature. Anything “plant-based” or “vegan” is the most unnatural and retarded thing ever to be pushed by these people. They are completely disconnected from nature, from reality. They have probably never been in a survival situation, or even been out camping without any food supplies, trying to live of what is naturally available. You cannot find any of these “foods” in nature. Only a few berries, some mushrooms, roots, and herbs – and perhaps some wild fruit in the southern hemisphere. That’s it. And they provide almost no nutrition at all while being toxic. Good luck trying to survive on that you twat!

So, before we end this, the question is if these “truthers” who try to defend toxic and damaging plant foods and herbal remedies are this frikkin’ ignorant of human physiology, that they can’t connect the dots using simple logic and common sense – or if they are paid shills, disinformation agents, as in controlled opposition.

Again, I’ve helped more than 75 ex-vegans to regain their health, and I’ve helped several thousands of clients from all walks of life during my 30+ years in this industry. I’ve seen the damage done by plant-based diets first hand, and it’s extremely disturbing and saddening. Although many have recovered and are quite healthy today, they’ve shed years of their lifespan and some has been maimed for life, never able to fully recover.
Also, keep in mind that anyone who consume anything plant-based is short-charging themselves. You do not get enough nutrients while also slowly poisoning yourself. It will keep you weak and, depending on the amounts and if you do not get enough animal-based foods, it will also keep you dumbed down.
Every single ex-vegan I’ve helped has said that the first thing they noticed once they brought back animal-based food to their diets was that the ability to actually think and reason again came back. It was like their brains turned back on after being ‘snoozed’ for years. A clarity of thought they had not experience in years, or even decades — and that feeling of mental clarity improved even more once they had been fully carnivore for at least a year or more.

So, it sure is in the interest of the “elites,” the government, and that of the medical industry and big pharma, as well as the food industry, to keep us fed with this plant-based garbage, to keep us sick, weak, docile, dumb and compliant. And thus, that is the main agenda of most controlled opposition – to hide the true fact that humans are obligate hyper carnivores.

And as for “herbal” and “natural” remedies, I myself used to run for these all the time in the past as I was very sickly, getting pneumonia and sinusitis every single year, and that idiotic approach ultimately gave me cancer, as my detoxification and healing processes never were allowed to run their course, and the toxins were incapsulated into tumors. And as you know, I reversed all that by adopting our species-appropriate diet in 2018 and by doing some dry fasting. Since then, all my old ailments, as in injuries, 40 years of allergies and asthma, psoriasis, joint pain, and so on has all been reversed and healed. And my previously recurring 2 weeks of pneumonia or sinusitis two to three times a year has been reduced to a day or two of mild, barely noticeable detoxification.

And lastly, some friendly advice; if someone does not have at least 5 to 10 years of real-life experience with successfully helping people reach their health goals, and if that someone happens to look unhealthy and older than his or her age, do not listen to that person when it comes to health and nutritional advice.

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