World Stage: Cannabis Stocks Surged on March 15 (and the CBD Scam)

The only reason I cover this is because some baby troofers think that cannabis is good for you, especially the extract CBD, and can help with ailments and diseases, which of course is total bullocks. It’s a plant, which means it’s extremely toxic, especially any extracts like CBD which means you get even more of it than you naturally could have.
Anything toxic that is introduced to our system is an immediate threat to our physiology and something that immediately need to be neutralized. This means that whatever symptoms you were experiencing from whatever problem you might have, will be alleviated or even completely disappear for a short while, as all of your body resources are directed at the immediate threat. I have explained this process in detail in my debunking of drugs, herbs, and natural remedies. They do absolutely nothing, nothing more than stopping your healing process and thus hiding the symptoms from it for a while. And yes, that is extremely dangerous as the cause of your problems are being ignored and will continue to grow, usually ending with a major health event that could end your life, such as tumors, organ damage, a stroke or a heart attack.

Remember, symptoms are always from the healing or detoxification process. That is something that takes time, days or even weeks, and symptoms will slowly go away and disappear completely once the processes have finished and you are fully healthy again. If you take something and the symptoms go away within minutes or few hours, you did not heal anything, you simply blocked out the symptoms by shutting down the critical and necessary processes that gave you the symptoms. And that is extremely stupid and damaging to your body.

Now, the elites, especially the Jesuits and their CIA who always have controlled the drug trade, know that cannabis is total crap, and have slowly made it into a medical treatment and an accepted drug for “treating” several ailments. So, according to this story, a hedge fund manager recently suggested that regulators are about to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, which according to the story made cannabis stocks surge.

Of course, this was all by the numbers, another play on the world stage.

This was news on March 15, a date that can written as the 15th of March, like 15/3, or 153.

Cannabis = 153

On November 5, 1996, Proposition 215 was passed in California, making it the first state to permitting the use of medical cannabis. Cannabis is a genus of plants within the ‘Cannabaceae’ family.

This story about reclassifying cannabis and the stock surge on March 15 happened exactly 131 days after the anniversary of Proposition 215, and after ‘Xavier Becerra’ testified before a U.S. Senate committee and defended the Food and Drug Administration’s review of cannabis’ scheduling status.

Xavier Becerra = 131

131 is the 32nd prime number.

Cannabaceae = 32, 32, 32

And on December 2, 2020, after reviewing a series of the Satanic World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations on cannabis and its derivatives, the Satanic United Nations voted and decided to remove cannabis from Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

The story about cannabis on March 15 came at a span of 263 days before the anniversary of the UN’s decision. 263 is the prime number of the very Jesuit and Masonic code of 56, the people who run the drug trade, the governments, and the pharmaceutical industry.
Also, note that the Dow Jones article was published at 7:56, the 56th minute of the hour, very obvious.

Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Freemasons = 56

Of course, since then Mexico and Malta decriminalized cannabis in 2021, Thailand in 2021, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Ukraine in 2023, and Germany in 2024.

March 15 came with the Jesuit 42-date numerology, that of their inverted Sun God Saturn, and the story was all about cannabis stocks.

3/15/24 = 3 + 15 + 24 = 42

Cannabis Stocks = 42
Freemason = 42
Saturn = 42
Jesuit = 42

March 15 came with the satanic 18-date numerology, and the story was about the stock market, as in money and the scam that is CBD (heavily pushed as ‘CBD oil’ by shills and controlled opposition.)

3/15 = 3 + 15 = 18

Money = 18
CBD = 18
Masons = 18
IHS = 18 (Christogram of the Jesuits)

As the resistance against pharmaceutical drugs have increased among those who claim to be more “awake,” especially after the obvious staged and fake Covid-19 ritual and the vaccine hoax, the elites now target these people with “natural remedies,” which are just as toxic or even worse. And as these gullible people still believe in the germ theory, that of diseases and of remedies and cures, they swallow it line, hook, and sinker. Genius – and very sad.

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