Biden Pardons All Federal Offenses of Simple Marijuana Possession – First Steps Toward Decriminalization

On October 6th, 2022, Joe Biden took the first step toward decriminalizing marijuana by erasing prior federal possession convictions.

Those who are still asleep and believe in the theatre of politics, the left vs. the right, or the democrats vs. the republicans will discuss this as a political stunt, as the announcement comes a month ahead of the “critical” November elections that will determine control of Congress.

Those who falsely label themselves as “freethinkers” will welcome this as they believe that marijuana has several restorative effects and can help with pain and relaxation. Actually, that is mostly a psy-op in itself with reverse psychology propaganda reinforced by the false anecdotes of feeling better while using it and not understanding a first thing about human physiology.

To put it simply, your body can only detox and heal itself when you are in a fasted state of homeostasis. As soon as you consume something, that take precedence and these other functions are down prioritized. And if it contains toxins or something that is poisonous, like carbohydrates which raises blood sugar, managing and neutralizing that threat takes highest priority and all other detoxification and healing processes are shut down while your body deals with that new emergency (or you would actually die.) The same is true if you take any chemical, as in medicines or drugs, or if you smoke/inhale something that contains chemicals and toxins that your lungs have to filter out, not to mention that those toxins reach the bloodstream and need to get managed.

And since symptoms you experience comes from the detoxification and healing process, they disappear when you consume or inhale any chemical or toxin that take priority. This fools you into believing that it helps, as your symptoms lessen or goes away completely. But the only thing you accomplished was to shut down your natural detox and healing ability, and toxins will continue to build up, eventually leading to organ damage and/or tumors, as in cancer. So, no, marijuana or any other tincture or “natural” remedy cannot help your body to heal, just the opposite! I covered that in detail here:

Loss of Taste, Smell, Appetite, and Vomiting – All Natural Symptoms of Healing. And Why You Cannot Cure a Disease.
More on Disease and Healing – And Why Most Medicines and “Natural” Remedies are Worthless

Some people will still insist that marijuana can help you relax and expand your thinking. Well, for some people it can give the illusion of being relaxing, while others become paranoid and irrational. And as for expanding your thinking, that is also an illusion from the revved up central nervous system combined with the stimulus and inhibition of various parts of the brain. That is why creative people who write like the effect (and also the poisonous effect of alcohol.) However, you actually become more open to anything suggested to you. It makes you more programmable, more gullible.

So, in reality, it comes as no surprise that they finally have taken some steps toward decriminalizing marijuana or other “mild” drugs. Those in power have nothing to lose, and actually a lot to gain from gullible, programmable sheep who slowly build up their toxicity and will soon become sick and weak – dependent on even more drugs. And to be honest, if you need any kind of drugs to get through the day, the problem lies within you, and that is something you work on, not escape from. Also, any kind of drug is only a temporarily fix, a fix that is doing damage to your body and soul, and it will add up the more you turn to it. Marijuana might be considered a “mild” drug by some, but it’s highly toxic and it interfere with your body’s natural ability to detoxify and heal.

And as for Biden doing this, it’s also a ritual and all done by the numbers. As it is the democrats involved in this ritual, you already know that racism will be a prat of it, and marijuana is something that has been pushed onto the “black community” through design and programming for a very long time. Hence, the majority of those in jail/prison for marijuana possession comes from this politically manipulated “black community.”

Biden = 34
Marijuana = 34
Black = 34

This announcement came on October 6, as in 10/6, or 106.

Decriminalization = 106
Marijuana = 106
Black = 106
The Masons = 106

October 6 also had a 22-date numerology, which fits with the democrat racism agenda and mockery.
10/6/2022 = (10) + (6) + 2+0+2+2 = 22

Marijuana = 22
Niggers = 22
Negro = 22

Also, Joe Biden’s birthday is November 20, and this announcement comes exactly 46 days before his 80th birthday. Joe is president #46, so it is fitting with a big announcement on that day. And again, it fits with the mocking agenda.

Decriminalizing = 46
Black Community = 46

And 46 days until his 80th birthday, like 46 and 80

Societas Iesu = 46, 80 (Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order)

Again, this step towards decriminalizing marijuana is only another move in their game, their method of control and distraction; reversing that which was and creating new divisions among the people and hurting them in the process. It’s a Hegelian dialectic (Problem -> Reaction -> Solution.)

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