3 Staged ‘Deadly’ Incidents — All on the Day After Yom Kippur

There are no coincidences on the world stage. In 2017, you had the Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting in Las Vegas the day after Yom Kippur ended, and now you had the stabbings in Las Vegas also one day after Yom Kippur!
Actually, on October 6, you also had the ‘Thailand Preschool Shooting’ and the ‘Dearborn Michigan Hotel Shooting.’ All these three events occurred one day after Yom Kippur ended. The day that is all about atonement for your sins, the holiest day in Judaism.

As for these events, Joseph Aquaviva has once again covered and decoded them all.

The Las Vegas Strip Stabbings:

The Thailand Preschool Shooting:

The Dearborn Michigan Hotel Shooting:

Thank you, my friend, for your awesome work!
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