South Carolina Mall Shooting – The ‘Two’ Ritual

Here we go again with the shootings. Police in South Carolina responded to a 911 call that was made around 2:03 p.m. that reported gunfire near the GAP store inside the Columbiana Centre, a mall in Columbia, South Carolina. Multiple 911 calls were made after that, according to Columbia Police Department Chief William H. “Skip” Holbrook.

I guess 2:01 p.m. would have been too obvious, as they used that in the Sacramento Capital Shooting on April 3rd. This shooting just happened two minutes later at 2:03 instead, as in 203. Yeah, that seems like a natural occurrence.

The Sacramento Capital Shooting Ritual and Gavin Newsom’s Gun Control Speech

CNN was very keen on pointing out that it happened on ‘Saturday afternoon.’

Saturday Afternoon = 203, 203 (911 call at 2:03, as in 203, on a Saturday afternoon)
The Freemasons = 203 (the police force is run by freemasons)

This happened on April 16, a day with 42-date numerology. And the report of gunfire came two minutes after the reported gunfire in Sacramento, as reported by police chief Holbrook.
16/4/22 = 16 + 4 + 22 = 42

Two Minutes = 42
Holbrook = 42
Jesuit = 42

And they referred to ‘911 calls’ several times in the news reports, which came 2 minutes after those in Sacramento.

911 Calls = 45
2 Minutes = 45
Ritual = 45 (what it was)

The shootings also happened exactly two weeks apart, and 2:03 can be written as 23 in numerology.

Two = 23
2 Weeks = 23
Jesuits = 23

They also reported that two people are in critical but stable condition. Two seems very important here, a running theme.

The shooting happened in the ‘Columbiana Centre,’ a ‘mall,’ in Columbia, South Carolina, where 12 people were injured.

Columbiana Centre = 156, 58, 936
South Carolina = 156, 58, 936
Twelve People = 156, 58, 936

Very strongly connected. And as no surprise…

12 Injured = 66
Twelve = 66
Columbiana Centre = 66
Number of the Beast = 66

And Number of the Beast is actually very relevant because this staged event took place two minutes after the event in Sacramento, and ‘two minutes’ is ‘666’ in reverse Sumerian. That is why Iron Maiden called their song ‘2 Minutes to Midnight.’ And funny enough, ‘Iron Maiden’ is actually a multiple match with ‘South Carolina.’ They’re crafty bastards.

Two Minutes = 666

And when using the full phrase for the mall, we see that the place of the false flag is tightly tied to the police, once again.

Columbiana Centre Mall = 77
Police Department = 77 (the police is behind these false flags)
Police officer = 77 (the police is behind these false flags)
Two Weeks = 77 (two weeks after Sacramento)

Columbiana Centre Mall = 194
Fake Shooting = 194 (what it was)

And on April 19, as in 19/4, or 194, it is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, which happened at 9:02 a.m., and there is another ‘two’ for you.

And thinking of two, you think of the two towers, the false flag and demolition job on 9/11. From September 11 to April 16 is exactly 31-weeks on the day.

Two Weeks = 31 (two weeks since the Sacramento shooting)
2 minutes = 31 (reported two minutes after the Sacramento shooting)
Columbia = 31 (the place for this ritual and tribute)

If you think all these are just coincidences, you are in extreme denial and perhaps a tiny bit mentally retarded, no offense.

April 16 also has the Freemasonic 33-date numerology, which always is relevant in staged shootings by the police.
4/16/22 = 4 + 1 + 6 + (22) = 33

And who is the Governor of South Carolina? Yes, Henry McMaster, they guy with the ‘MM’ or ‘33’ when flipped in his last name.

And speaking of the ‘two’ ritual and the Freemasonic police, their brotherhood is called the ‘Fraternal Order of Police,’ and it just happens to reduce to 119, as in 11/9, or 11th of September.

Fraternal Order of Police = 119

Going back to the governor. When was this McMaster guy born? Yes, on May 27. So, this shooting on April 16 comes 5 weeks and 6 days, as in the hoax code ‘56,’ before his next birthday.

Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And remember, three people were allegedly detained by the police.

Three = 56

5 weeks and 6 days is the same as 41 days. And this shooting, with 12 injured, comes two weeks after the Sacramento shooting.

12 Injured = 41
Two Weeks = 41

Or, you could say it’s a span of 42-days, if you count the end date, which takes us back to the date-numerology of 42 for April 16, as decoded earlier.

CNN published the police chief’s name with his nickname ‘Skip,’ which is weird in a shooting report. With ‘Skip’ thrown in, his name reduces to 113, the number for dishonesty. That’s fitting if this actually is another Police drill, aka., a false flag staged shooting, which it most likely is.

William H. “Skip” Holbrook = 113
The Number for Dishonesty = 113

And “Skip” reduces to 19 and 26, just like ‘chaos,’ the Freemasonic motto used in false flags.

Skip = 19, 26
Chaos = 19, 26

Again, another false flag performed in a very ritualistic manner as a tribute to previous false flags.

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