Anthony McRae Allegedly Identified as Michigan State University Shooter

As you might remember, their staged shootings took an early spring break during the week leading up to their biggest annual Satanic ritual, the Super Bowl. Instead, we got fed with silly flying balloons and unidentified objects being shot down. Objects that they now claim to simply be ‘benign’ balloons. So much for the baby-truthers looming Alien invasion, aka., Project Bluebeam. Well, we’ll see if they return to that script or if it will be forgotten for a while. It seems they’re not that good at keeping several fabricated and scripted storylines running simultaneously. Well, that’s probably because their audience of dumbed down sheep are too subdued to keep up with more than a few at any given time.

As for the first shooting since the break, that the rest of us predicted, that allegedly took place this Monday at Michigan State University, they now claim to have identified the shooter. He did, of course, die of a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound. Yeah, they always do. Perhaps they’re running out of trustworthy crisis actors. So, after they’ve done their theatrical act for the surveillance cameras, the job is done and they wait for their next role to play. No need to drag it out so they might do some mistakes.

With that said, the released mug shot of the alleged shooter share the same characteristics as most such photos. Low resolution, weird looking (especially his neck and throat looking to belong to an 80-year-old woman,) and thus most likely AI-generated – same as the photos of the alleged victims. They simply do not exist.

This computer rendered mug shot was named ‘Anthony McRae’ by the Freemasonic Police. Of course, that is simply a tribute to their masters, the Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order.

Anthony McRae = 187, 56
Society of Jesus = 187, 56

And this ‘Anthony McRae’ was described as a ‘43-year-old man’ being an ‘active-shooter,’ as this allegedly took place at several locations, and who died of a ‘self-inflicted’ gunshot wound.

Anthony McRae = 61
43-Year-Old Man = 61
Active-Shooter = 61
Self-Inflicted = 61

Look at that imagination by the Freemasons. The entire story coded with the name they came up with. Of course, they released the name on February 14, like 2/14, as in 2+14 equaling 16, like 61 backwards.

And, do not forget, as my observant friend Joseph Acquaviva decoded, that this staged and fake shooting on February 13 took place exactly 191 days before Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s birthday. That also means that on February 14, when they released the name, it was a span of 191 days to Gretchen’s birthday when counting the end date. That number of 191 calls out the active-shooter script and again honors their masters of Society of Jesus.

Active-Shooter = 191
Society of Jesus = 191

Also, Gretchen is a Democrat and the day of the staged shooting came with a 49-date numerology, matching her governorship as the 49th governor of Michigan. And the democrats are all about ‘gun control,’ which is one of the political reasons for these staged and fake shootings.

2/13/2923 = 2 + 1+3 + (20) + (23) = 49

Gun Control = 49

Also, remember that February 13 came with the Freemasonic 11– and 22-date numerology, as in the first and second Master Numbers. Now, the released name of ‘McRae,’ equals ’22,’ and he’s ‘dead,’ same as the three alleged victims.

McRae = 22
Jesuits = 22
Satanic = 22
Dead = 22

And his alleged full name is ‘Anthony Dwayne McRae,’ which fits with a Masonic ritual.

Anthony Dwayne McRae = 88
Masonic Ritual = 88

Curiously, CNN put out a headline on their frontpage describing the ‘gunman,’ as becoming ‘evil angry,’ according to his alleged father. When they put weird words or phrases in quotation marks, you know it’s hidden code, keywords for the fake story to acknowledge their work.

Of course, the phrase ‘evil angry’ sums to 113, the number of dishonesty, of deceit and bullshit, and that is exactly what this whole story is – dishonest fabricated bullshit.

Evil Angry = 113
Dishonest = 113
Mainstream = 113
Not True = 113
Not Factual = 113
Fake Reality = 113
Not Honest = 113
Fiction = 113
Bullshit = 113
Number for Dishonesty = 113

And the ‘evil angry’ gunman was said to be ‘forty-three’ years old. Remember, the 49 is connected to the 49th Governor, Gretchen Whitmer and the date-numerology of the staged shooting.

Evil Angry = 130, 49
Forty-Three = 130, 49

And it’s about gun control.

Evil Angry = 50, 49
Gun Control = 50, 49

And being 43-years-old is also code for ‘killing,’ their ‘Lucifer,’ and the Freemasons, which was the theme of this ritual.

Masonic = 43
Killing = 43
Lucifer = 43
Freemasons = 43

It’s quite evident that this was yet again all done by the numbers. Also, check Joseph’s new video below.

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