Mass Shooting by the Numbers in Prague – Updated

You cannot have a winter solstice without a scripted, staged, and fake mass shooting, at least not in this wicked world we find ourselves in.

In the Czech Republic, firearms are available to anyone with a firearms license, which requires a medical examination, a weapon proficiency exam, and no previous criminal record. As of 2022, only 300,000 people in the Czech Republic had such a license and shared about 1 million firearms between them. Overall, the gun laws in the Czech Republic are generally lax compared to other European nations. So, this is obviously a ‘gun control’ ritual.

Gun Control = 131
Czech Republic = 131

The current president of the Czech Republic is Petr Pavel who was born on November 1st. This shooting on December 21 came exactly 50 days after his birthday, as in ‘gun control.’

Gun Control = 50
Jesuits = 50

They also claim that the gunman is ‘twenty-four’ years old, that ‘twenty-five’ people were wounded, and that the fake drill shooting was staged at the ‘Faculty of Arts’ at the Charles University.

Twenty-Four = 50
Twenty-Five = 50
Faculty of Arts = 50

Of course, counting the end-date, the fake shooting was staged 51-days after the President’s birthday. The media was keen on mentioning that the University is very close to the ‘Vltava River.’ And, again, the shooter was said to be a ’24-years-old’ man and it happened on the solstice.

Mass Shooting = 51
Vltava River = 51, 51
24-Years-Old = 51, 51
Solstice = 51, 51
Faculty of Arts = 51
Fake Shooting = 51

The Czech Republic is a parliamentary representative democracy, with the president acting as head of state and the prime minister acting as head of government. The Prime Minister is Petr Fiala and his birthday is September 1st. This staged shooting on December 21 came at a span of 112 days after the Prime Minister’s birthday. They claim that the shooter came from the village ‘Hostouň’ and that he killed ‘fourteen’ people.

Hostouň = 112
Fourteen = 112

The University is called Charles University, which of course make you think of Charles III, the king of the United Kingdom. King Charles III’s birthday is November 14, and this staged shooting at a university with his name was staged at a span of 38 days after his birthday, the number of killing and murder, and also matching the number of victims. Of course, December 21 also came with a 38-date numerology, making it a perfect day for a shooting ritual. What a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

12/21/23 = (12) + (21) + 2+3 = 38

Allegedly ‘14 people’ were killed. CNN called it a ‘rampage.’

Killing = 38, 38
14 People = 38, 38
Murder = 38, 38
Rampage = 38, 38

Simply counting the days between Charles III’s birthday and the fake shooting gives us 37 days. December 21 was the winter solstice, the official start of the winter, and they staged a ‘shooting’ as a celebration.
The police chief mentioned in the media was Vondrášek and the only fake witness that CNN interviewed was ‘Weizman,’ as in “Wise-man,” a pun on the Three Magi (three wise men) visiting Jesus after his birth.

Winter = 37, 37
Shooting = 37
Gunfire = 37, 37
Killed = 37, 37
Shooter = 37
Vondrášek = 37
Weizman = 37

December 21 came with a 49-date numerology, reminding us why the faked a witness named ‘Jakob Weizman’ and that, besides being a killing ritual with a ‘twenty-four’ years old gunman and ‘twenty-five’ injured actors, it is also a political play on ‘gun control.’

12/21/2023 = 1+2 + 2+1 + (20) + (23) = 49

Jakob Weizman = 49, 49 (the ‘wise-man’ witness)
Gun Control = 49, 49
Twenty-Four = 49, 49 (alleged age of the gunman crisis actor)
Twenty-Five = 49, 49 (allegedly wounded)

December 21 also came with the Jesuit infamous 56-date numerology, and the media called it the ‘deadliest’ mass shooting in the Czech Republic in decades.
Again, the Prime Minister is Petr Fiala, and these shootings are staged by the Freemasons within the Police.

12/21/23 = 12 + 21 + 23 = 56

Deadliest = 56, 56
Petr Fiala = 56, 56
Freemasons = 56, 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

It was Winter Solstice and the ‘elites’ running this world worship Saturn, their ‘Sun God’ (Satan.) In other words, this was a tribute to Saturn staged at the Charles University.

Tribute to Saturn = 56
Charles University = 56

And talking about Freemasons within the Police, December 21 also came with their 33-date numerology, making it a perfect day for their staged events.
And that is also why the media always have to mention “gunshots” when they describe the fake event.

12/21 = 12 + 21 = 33

Police = 33
False Flag = 33
Gunshots = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

Also, the Charles University was founded on April 7, 1348. This staged ‘winter shooting’ came at a span of 37 weeks after the anniversary of its foundation.

Winter = 37
Shooting = 37

And the two people mentioned by CNN was, again, Vondrášek and Weizman.

Vondrášek = 37
Weizman = 37

That is all I have time for this morning. With that said, there is also a strong connection to Obama and his role as the Antichrist in their Revelation script, as there always is. I will leave that decode to my good friend Joseph Acquaviva, who is already working on it. I’ll update this post with his video once it’s finished.

Update, Joseph’s decode:

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