Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Explained

According to a new CDC survey, around 4.3 million American adults have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS.) Of course, the disinformation website ‘Healthline’ interviewed several doctors and directors of a couple of medical centers, and to keep up with the scripted narrative, these “health officials” believe that “long COVID” may be a possible explanation for the recent surge in chronic fatigue cases.
What a load of horseshit!

CDC and other useless institutions describe CFS with the following symptoms:

  • 6 or more months of severe fatigue paired with a decreased ability to perform daily activities.
  • Symptoms get worse after physical or mental activity that were not previously an issue.
  • Difficulty sleeping, and/or feeling fatigued after waking up, even when getting the recommended hours of sleep.

In most cases, symptoms worsen 12 to 48 hours after activity and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Now, speaking of symptoms, from the interviews conducted by ‘Healthline,’ and the comments made by the survey authors, they claim that symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, impaired sleep, and dizziness from standing up (orthostatic intolerance,) that are commonly seen in CFS are also seen in “long COVID.”

Wow, you don’t say? Well, “long COVID” does not exist, as viruses do not exist. That is juvenile ‘germ theory’ pseudo-science. What these brainwashed institutionalized “researches” label as “long COVID” is simply a prolonged detoxification process due to an extremely bad lifestyle, or from recurring mental conflict trauma of being “trapped” where the body is so compromised that it has trouble recovering, hence the extreme need of rest. We will get to this in a bit.

From the interviews, one quote stands out as it perfectly describes their approach and their complete lack of understanding.

When we can’t find anything, we conclude it’s long COVID,” Ostrosky-Zeichner said.

In other words, if their useless blood tests can’t rule out simple things such as a hormonal imbalance, an electrolyte imbalance, or anemia, they simply label it as “long COVID” and in extension, they now also label it as “chronic fatigue syndrome.”
Well, considering that the large majority of people only get unhealthier, and unhealthier for every single day that passes, by using this methodology, it should not come as a surprise that ‘long COVID’ or ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ are on the rise. These “diseases” are simply labels attached to a number of prevailing symptoms that actually come from nutrient deficiencies, stress, and/or mental conflicts/trauma.

Looking at Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine, which currently holds the best psyche/mental explanations, and if we try to keep it as simple as possible, ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ is nature’s way of stopping us going any further in a direction that we subconsciously or consciously really don’t want to go in life. For example, feeling helplessness towards one’s own future, or being prevented from following our own path in life (against our will.)
It can also be from deviating from our life’s path to support others that are closest to us, and this can cause us to feel that our lives are going nowhere, that we are trapped and chained by responsibilities that has become too much to bear.
The brain’s natural response to these kinds of emotions is to cease supplying the body with any more energy, to stop us from travelling any further on the wrong path, to stop us before we completely burn ourselves out.
During this conflict active phase, there will be a reduction in cortisol production and hence fatigue.

Once you realize this, or you simply have to stop because you’re too fatigued and can’t really function, the conflict is resolved and the healing phase begins, and the autonomic nervous system switches into lasting vagotonia and a prolonged state of rest with fatigue but good appetite. Resting and the desire to eat provide you with the necessary tools for healing. If the healing phase is intense, the tiredness could be so overwhelming that one can hardly get out of bed. The need for sleep is particularly strong during the day. Depending on the damage done, this recovery can take months or years, and it can be prolonged if you relapse into the same old feelings again, as in continuing on the wrong path as soon as you feel you have a bit more energy. Thus, to get better and to completely heal from CFS, you not only need to assist your body in its recovery, as in resting and consuming nutritious foods, you also need to work on your psyche as well; identifying the triggers that caused these kinds of emotions, what prevented you from following your true path, or what forced you onto the wrong path. To fully recover, and not to relapse, you need to identify and resolve those triggers.

Now, looking at Dr. Hamer’s explanation and the triggers, it’s no coincidence that CFS or “long COVID” has increased in the last couple of years after the 2020 trauma-based mind control ritual that was the fake Covid-19 pandemic with isolation, travel restrictions, lockdowns, and division – destroying small businesses, separating and destroying families, putting families in economic distress, and so on.

And from a biological terrain perspective, CFS could also be from prolonged toxemia, as in not being able to detoxify properly due to poor health. Again, no matter the cause, the solution is rest and providing your body with real nutritious food – and since humans are obligate hyper carnivores, the only source of bioavailable nutrients are found in animal-based foods, as in meat, organ meats, animal fat, eggs, and unprocessed dairy.

Now, considering the ongoing agenda with keeping us sick, weak and docile, the foods that we as humans need and crave has been vilified, so again, it’s no coincidence that people get “sick” all the time, and that prolonged sickness, as in ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ has become more common.

People are stressed by making ends meet, by all the scripted and staged crap presented by the media and the “News,” by illusionary non-existent germs and viruses, by trying to fit in and obey (as in wearing face-diapers,) all while they are severely malnourished from mostly consuming complete garbage foods. It does not take a genius to figure out why illness is on the rise and how it was so easy to stage a pandemic and fool these people. By conditioning and deceit, people are making themselves ill by the way they live their lives and by what they eat (and do not eat.)

To conclude, the inverted medical field, the elite’s plaything that has twisted everything backwards, will blame CFS on their virus lie and thus effectively reinforce that deception. And as always, they focus on the symptoms, something that is the byproduct of the healing process, instead of dealing with the cause and actually help people resolving their underlying problems, whether it’s mental/stress, malnutrition, or toxemia/poisoning.

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