Covid Alarmism Returns with the Nonexistent ‘Eris’ Variant

The virus hoax has resurfaced once again with WHO lurking in the shadows, and it needs to be addressed. With that said, this will be rather short, as I’m swamped with writing nutritional programs and guides for clients, and need to save my time and energy for that (the history series will be back in a day or two.)

After years of lies and deceit, most people should be aware of the virus hoax, or at least the covid-19 hoax. Unfortunately, that is not the case. And many of us warned multiple times that they would revive the hoax this late summer/autumn – and here we are with a new computer-generated fictional strain of non-existent Covid, this time called ‘Eris,’ after the Greek Goddess of strife and discord. In Greek mythology, Aedon and Polytechnus claimed to love each other more than Hera and Zeus, which angered Hera and she sent Eris to wreak discord upon them – as in division, once again making people argue and fight over an imaginary boogeyman, a non-existing virus, and harmful useless vaccines, the tactic of order out of chaos. Yes, they’re once again mocking you with calling the first new strain in a very long time for ‘Eris.’

While it’s too early to tell if this will actually amass to something, or if it will only be used as a reminder, a conditioning tool of the imaginary threat of new pandemics and the lie of viruses being real, there are other concerns.

Now, this imaginary strain was declared a ‘variant of interest’ by WHO, as they claim that cases are rising “globally.” Here in Sweden, they faked the first case of ‘Eris EG.5’ yesterday, supposedly discovered in the county of Dalarna.
To add to this, there is an ongoing agenda to put WHO in charge of all “health concerns” and “health emergencies,” such as fake and staged pandemics, all over the world, overruling any country’s own government. To become a “global” health ministry of truth, a one world governmental order of tyranny in the name of “health” and “safety.”

Although, this has been happening in the shadows and very slowly, all they need is another staged and fake outbreak to justify the transfer of decision-making power to the WHO. Also, it is part of the conditioning for the ‘elite’s’ vision of a future One World Government. If they manage to transfer all health-related tasks to a single entity like WHO, doing the same with other things like banking, currency, and governmental tasks, is just around the corner and will not receive as much resistance. One step at a time, slowly conditioning the masses to the idea of one single group of leaders (the hive mind we’ve discussed many times.)

Again, we need to address the core lie, that of viruses and the pseudo-science of virology. We need to spread awareness of the fact that there is no such thing as a contagion in nature. You cannot get “sick” or “catch a disease” from another living being. That was debunked over a hundred years ago. All illness is created from within. I covered this in hundreds of articles. If enough people start asking questions, stop listening to fake authorities, start putting pressure on governmental institutions for answers, everything will eventually collapse, including the evil and Luciferian WHO and the United Nations – and the plans for 15-minute cities and travel restrictions.

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