Bam Margera Allegedly Hospitalized with Pneumonia and Orwell-19

There is actually a reason why I cover this, and it would make the late analytical psychologist Carl Jung very happy – not in an occult-paranormal satanic New Age kind of way, but more in a funny simulation-theory coincidence kind of way. This last Thursday, me and my brother jokingly discussed old crappy attempts at programming the youth with agenda-driven morals, values, and attitudes, and we brought up MTV’s Jackass and especially Bam Margera and his cringe ‘Viva La Bam’ series. And lo and behold, a day later, the Bam Margera character makes the headlines for the first time in quite a while. Synchronicity.

Well, as soon as you see the “CONvid-1984” hoax mentioned in the headlines together with a has-been low-rated celebrity, you know it’s a scripted ritual all done by the numbers.

The story goes that Bam was hospitalized in San Diego earlier this week. He then tested positive for non-existent Covid-19 while in the hospital, and then allegedly and for no reasonable reason, the doctors put him on a ventilator (aka., the lung destroyer and execution machine.)

So, the Covid-19 propaganda here is obvious. They still want to keep the conditioning intact among the sheep. It’s not pollution or your awful lifestyle, the daily stress, or your food choices that are poisoning you — it is invisible made-up boogeymen flying out of the nostrils and other orifices of these pesky unvaccinated far-right extremist people that are to blame for making you a sickly weak sheep unable to think rationally and logically.
And to reinforce this fairytale, they script silly stories like this one, all executed by the numbers.

Margera = 63, 36, 60, 33
Covid-19 = 63, 36, 60, 33

And he was allegedly hospitalized for a severe case of ‘pneumonia’ before he tested “positive.”

Margera = 45, 33
Pneumonia = 45, 33

I wonder why this poor Margera character is so disease ridden?

Margera = 204, 60, 115, 204, 60
Disease = 204, 60, 115, 204, 60

In all seriousness, with such fateful gematria, he’s most likely not sick at all, it’s only a ritual by the numbers. However, these are only matches that fits his name into the story, why they would use him, and that is not proof of anything since many names has the same results. So, let’s check what really matters for these rituals and what makes them undeniable — the date numerologies, how the story is perfectly synched with all the important dates.

Notice that both Margera and Covid-19 sums to 63 in the simplest English cipher, and this was reported on Friday, which also sums to 63, and that was on December 9, a day with 63-date numerology. Also, all these three keywords reduce to 36, the reflection of 63. Also, ‘hospitalized’ reduces to 63 in both reduction ciphers. Such a perfect day to report a fabricated story about Covid-19 and Margera by the numbers.
12/9/2022 = 12 + 9 + 20 + 22 = 63

Margera = 63, 36
Covid-19 = 63, 36
Friday = 63, 36

Hospitalized = 63, 63
Covid-19 Virus = 63, 63

Now, this Bam Margera character was born on September 28, 1979, making him 43 years old. He started out as a skater before he appeared in Jackass. They claim he was hospitalized in San Diego and tested positive for the staged and fake pandemic virus. Also, we know that it’s the Freemasons who stage all these stories.

Bam Margera = 43
Freemasons = 43
Skater = 43
San Diego = 43
Pandemic = 43

And it would not surprise me if they do a follow-up and tell us that Jackass Margera got the latest X-Mas subvariant of the fake virus, the Omicron XBB

Margera = 43
Omicron XBB = 43
Jackass = 43

Now, counting forwards, this story comes exactly 293-days before Bam’s next birthday. 293 is the 62nd prime number. He reportedly tested positive for the fake Covid-19 virus and was put on a ventilator.

Covid-19 Virus = 62
Ventilator = 62

Disease = 62 (again, with the disease connection)
Mason = 62

If we count the end-date, we get 294 days, which is exactly 42 weeks. 42, the number of the year that I’ve written about every single week, the number that represents the 42 months that the Beast was given to rule in Revelation, and it also represents Saturn, the Sun God that they worship.
And again, it’s a Freemasonic ritual. And the Freemasons are the extended arm of the Jesuit Order.

43-year-old = 42 (referred to as the ‘43-year-old’ in articles)
Freemason = 42
Omicron = 42 (the current active fake subvariant)
Jesuit = 42
Saturn = 42 (whom they worship)

And yeah, this story comes 72-days after his 43rd birthday.

Jesuit Order = 72

Funny how every keyword matches the numerology of this Friday, this December 9 – both the date numerology and the days and weeks from Bam’s birthday. Almost like it was scripted, right? So many perfect matches to the story and their keywords are not mathematical feasible for it to be organic and coincidental. So, if he is at a hospital, it’s most likely an act as instructed by his handlers – or they simply poisoned his sorry jack-ass and waited until this Friday to release the story, all by the numbers.
Well, if you agree to be an actor on the World Stage, you got to follow the script no matter if you like it or not.

And as always, Joseph has a decode as well, check it out!

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