Fuel the NPC Paranoia: “Free” CON-vid-19 Tests

This piece of garbage trended the headlines over at the Jesuit CNN yesterday, September 25. Yet again, the U.S. Government provides fuel for the fear of non-existing ‘diseases’ among the weak-minded and sheepish NPC – as in those who are programmed, running on scripts, have no free will and can’t think for themselves, those who still believe in the fake and silly Covid-19 and ‘virus’ narrative.
And calling it ‘free’ is another insult, as nothing is ever free when provided by the government. “Free” simply means that those fooled into playing Big Brother’s game of giving up a big part of their income as taxes paid for them.

This ‘free Covid-19 tests’ announcement is all about tricking braindead people into testing themselves with a test for something that does not exist. In short, at best, the test simply detects an increase in certain bacteria, or any other factor that is slightly elevated in a body when it shows symptoms from detoxing and healing. As you should know, you cannot ‘catch a disease,’ all disease comes from within.
Remember, pretty much anything from Coca-Cola, to fruits, to motor oil has tested ‘positive’ with these fake tests. However, it’s the perfect tool to keep the sheep in fear as soon as they go through their natural detoxification cycle and eagerly test themselves.
It also means that they, the ‘elite’ and their governments, will continue with the fake CON-vid narrative and make up more fake cases to give the illusion of new “waves.”

Of course, this announcement and article was perfectly coded for September 25, the 25th day of the month, as ‘Free’ equals 25 in English Reduction gematria.
The 25th was also the day leaving 97 days remaining in the year, giving us both 25 and 97, as in ‘Death,’ which is appropriate as the fake Covid-19 was invented to replace any kind of ‘disease diagnoses’ of severe illness from unhealthy lifestyles and vaccine injuries, including deaths. Remember, the “flu” disappeared as soon as CON-vid emerged, and deaths from other “diseases” such as cancer, strokes, and even accidents declined and was labelled as CON-vid deaths.
Also, the fake pandemic was all about the maiming, sterilizing and deadly vaccines, another thing that was ‘free.’ Heck, they even gave you ‘free’ doughnuts as a reward for injecting yourself with poison, severely reducing the odds that you would continue to live until the age of retirement, and thus saving the government a lot of money. What a deal, eh?

September 25 = 25th day

Free = 25
Death = 25, 97

These fake tests are simply called ‘Covid-19 Rapid Tests,’ a phrase that reduces to ’77,’ and the story was published on a day with full 77-date numerology.

9/25/2023 = 9 + 25 + 23 + 23 = 77

Covid-19 Rapid Tests = 77

This story was also published 47 months after the predictive Event 201 virus outbreak simulation held on October 18, 2019. Now, this comes from the government, from the ‘president,’ and 47 is the number of the government, and the real seat of power as in the Vatican – and of course that of ‘Covid-19 tests.’

Covid-19 Tests = 47
Covid-19 Cases = 47
President = 47
Government = 47
White House = 47
Vatican = 47

And speaking of 56 and the Jesuit Order, take note of the time the Jesuit CNN decided to publish this crap. Yes, at 12:29, as in 1229, the very Jesuit 201st prime number! And as you know, the virus outbreak simulation Event 201 was a tribute to the Jesuit Order.
Also, did you know that at 12:29, the hands of the clock are at an angle of 200.5 degrees, as in rounded off to 201.

The Jesuit Order = 201

And speaking of presidents, as in the puppet actors put on the world stage, this ‘free gift’ of fear and manipulation, as in mind control, comes a perfect 56-days before Joe Biden’s birthday. 56 is the number of the Society of Jesus, as in the Jesuit Order, and that of their underlings, the Freemasons. It’s also the code-number used for the fake Corona/Covid-19 pandemic.
Also note, that the fake test, for some reason, requires exactly ‘three drops,’ which of course, is simply code referring to the hoax.

Three = 56
Three Drops = 56
Mind Control = 56
Live in Fear = 56
Fear Controls = 56
Anti-Freedom = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Virus Outbreak = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Fake Tests = 56
Corona, Wuhan = 56
Omicron XBB = 56
Freemasons = 56

It was also published 42 months after World Hell Organization declared the fake Covid-19 as a “pandemic” on March 11, 2020. 42 is the number of their Sun God Saturn, and has been heavily used in most psy-ops, including that of the Pandemic (which was all about the vaccine and the silly Omicron,) and that of the fake CGI-war in Ukraine.

Saturn = 42
Vaccine = 42
Jesuit = 42
Omicron = 42
Freemason = 42

Again, we have another propaganda piece to keep the lie about viruses and contagion alive, as well as keeping the weak-minded in a state of paranoia, always testing themselves as soon as they come down with a little sniffle – and likely trying to impose the same non-rational and crazy behavior on others, including family members and co-workers.

Remember, the only way to end this insanity is by exposing the virus lie.

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