The Russian-Ukraine Theatre Coded in 24 and 42

As a great addition to exposing the lies, the media fraud, and adding to my decodings, Anthony Davison has been posting his work on the 24- and 42-connections to this staged and fake war. All scripted by the numbers. The world is a stage.

Remember, this all started on February 24, 42 weeks from the anniversary of Putin taking office and 4 weeks and 2 days from Zelensky’s birthday.
Russia is 24 and they invaded on the 24th. Russia is also 42 and war is 42. And on it goes. Check out the screens below and make sure to follow his Twitter account.

As for 24 and 42, we have seen that before in times of “war.”
The United States declared war on Austria-Hungary, the allies of Germany, December 7, 1917, what would later become known as ‘Pearl Harbor Day’, due to the December 7, 1941 attack. Note that those events were 24-years apart to the day, the reflection of 42. ‘Japan’ has Gematria of 42, same as ‘war’, which is the reflection of 24, and it was the event that is blamed for the United States entering World War II. History always repeat itself. Same script, same writers.

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