CNN Mocks its Audience with Footage of Russian Missile Hitting a Building on the Anniversary of the ’93 WTC Bombing

Thank you, Zach, for covering this, as you have previously exposed the WTC bombings and the 9/11 Twin Tower Psy-Op in extreme detail.

And if you wonder about the uncertainty in their headline, “video shows missile or rocket striking Kyiv building,” …was it a rocket or a missile? The answer is in the coding.

“Video shows missile or rocket striking Kyiv building” = 666

Here’s Zach’s text:

You have to love the 47-second time stamp on the missile hitting the building story, what a mockery!
Osama bin Laden = 47

Recall, the U.S. government simulated al-Qaeda attacking the U.S. with missiles 102-days before the 102-minute attack, June 1, 2001, with project Amalgam Virgo. And prior to 9/11, we never knew “commercial planes” could explode like missiles when they hit their targets.

And if you don’t follow, the only things used on 9/11 were missiles. All of the planes were made up stories. That’s why the details of each attack make absolutely zero sense. And if you don’t know this, shame on you. It means you never did your homework. It’s also why big tech has scrubbed the web of all the information that clearly exposed the FACT no planes were involved in the 9/11 attack, only missiles.

For the clincher, this story comes on February 26, the 29-year anniversary of the ’93 WTC bombing.
Manhattan = 29

Full story here:

CNN mocks its audience with footage of a Russian missile hitting a building in Kyiv, February 26, 2022, the anniversary of the ’93 WTC bombing

And video show:

CNN also claims that there has been more than 250 missile launches, although my friends in Ukraine and Kyiv have seen none. And everyone has been going on with their usual business according to all the live-feeds since the staged war begun.

“More than 250” = 47
As in the 47-second long clip and Osama bin Laden…

And if you understand the connection with the Tesla’s “key to the universe” manifestation of 369…

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