Ukraine Live Webcams of Strategic Sites – And More Media Fakery – Updated Feed March 19, 5AM UTC

As we have seen for days now, nothing is going on in the theatre of war…
Please note – these feeds can go down and they will also be terminated after the maximum allowed time to stream on YouTube. I will try and find new feeds and post them as the ones below are removed. I will add the time I update to the heading.

NOTE! YouTube are now deleting channels that show live feeds from Ukraine, because live feeds show you that the war is fake! I’ll try to keep up and update as best as I can.

Collection of live feeds:

And remember, it’s so dangerous the reporter need to wear a bulletproof vest and a helmet, all while some tourists are taking pictures with their phone in the background. Come on people, everything is staged! There is no war!

They also use pictures from old accidents, like this gas-leak explosion from 2018.

As used in this picture with the same crisis actor form that staged gas explosion with fake blood and a weirdly tied bandage around her head, all to look dramatic. But no one would ever put on a bandage like that, and especially not without washing off some dirt and blood. All theatre, and extremely badly done.

And they always use same old footage over and over again, as with the alleged explosions near Kyiv…

And this silly picture, from the movie ‘The War of Chimeras’ has been trending on social media among gullible sheep, planted by controlled opposition and shills, and used to defraud people by donating to a war zone that does not exist.

And this was shown on Swedish TV – fake prop missiles that they stuck down a frikkin’ hole. How can anyone believe this to be real? This is beyond retarded, but alas, it’s Sweden…

Italian TV:

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