Russia’s Alleged Mobilization and Biden Heading Off Fake Nuclear Crisis

September 21 continued in its tracks with the escalation of the staged and very fake war in Ukraine. As you probably know by now, the “Ukraine War” is simply a part of Agenda 2030 and the hidden hand’s reenactment of the Book of Revelation, where Barack Obama is playing the role of the Antichrist. This clue in the riddle is easily discovered if you know their hidden language of gematria, as “Ukraine War” is a full match with “Antichrist,” which tell us that it’s a part of that play, a tribute to their false God.

Ukraine War = 121, 49, 471, 149, 68, 499, 726, 894
Antichrist = 121, 49, 471, 149, 68, 499, 726, 894

And remember, on June 10 at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, Antichrist Barack Obama warned that the Ukraine War was far from over.
This message has been repeated many times to program the sleeping masses, for example, actor Zelenskyy mentioned it on April 15th, as he said “the world should be prepared for Nuclear War.

We also know that the “war” is part of Agenda 2030 to be used as an excuse to more than double the costs of food and energy, and that it’s also totally fake, all made with computer graphics and old archive photos, including old clips from movies. It’s been debunked so many times it should be embarrassing even to the sheeple to believe that anything reported actually happened. And according to people actually living in Russia and Ukraine, nothing is going on except from a few blocks in a few cities that has been shielded off and used by the media and reporters as movie sets. All fake, all staged.

One of yesterday’s headlines was that Putin called for immediate ‘partial mobilization’ of about 300,000 citizens. That might sound like a lot, but then remember that 250,000 NPC-sheeple went to London and stood in a queue for hours to watch a potentially empty coffin of their former tyrant during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. If you ever wanted a definition of Stockholm Syndrome outside of crazy Sweden, there you have it.

Now, these 300,000 citizens are of course only a fictional number. Only a handful will actually be drafted and sent to sit in some field for a few weeks while their government laughs their asses off.
It’s also worth mentioning that today’s headlines reflect this “mobilization” as they claim that hundreds of people have been arrested across Russia in “anti-war protests,” adding to the illusion that it’s real.
And for the actual message, note the keyword, “partial mobilization,” which sums to the very frequently used number of ‘222’ in this staged conflict, as it fits both narratives and their former big hoax, the September 11 attack.

Partial Mobilization = 222
September Eleven Attack = 222
Russia Attack Ukraine = 222
Russian-Ukraine War = 222
The Beast of Revelation = 222
Barack Obama The Antichrist = 222
Antichrist System = 222 (aka, the Beast System, the New World Order, Agenda 2030)
World Economic Forum = 222 (the official organization that pushes Agenda 2030)
As Above, So Below = 222 (their Satanic motto of inversion)
Order Out of Chaos = 222 (how they rule the world)
Knights of Malta = 222 (the protectors of the Vatican, of the Jesuit Order)

During this statement from Pee-Pee, aka., “Puppet Putin,” he also mentioned the possibility of using “Nuclear Weapons” if the territorial integrity of Russia was to be jeopardized. Of course, ‘nuclear weapons’ is another hoax, an 80-year-old scare tactic, but the sheeple do not know that, as they will panic and hide beneath a table. You know, “Duck and Cover,” as if that would help if they actually were real. Oh, please.

Still, this announcement is relevant and it made for a lot more news on September 21. CNN and other fake media outlets ran with the script that this was indeed poor old demented Joe Biden’s new mission – to head off any possibility with a “nuclear crisis” with Russia. Again, we see the programming of “Nuclear Weapons” and “Nuclear War.” Something that could very easily be staged and faked as an excuse for an economic crash as the 7-year Shemitah cycle is coming to an end on September 24/25, and a new 7-year Shemitah cycle will begin on September 26.

So, is this “nuclear escalation” tied to the Shemitah? Perhaps, or it could just be a double coincidence with the wording in the Jesuit owned CNN’s headline.

Biden’s New Mission = 76
7-Year Shemitah = 76
Nuclear Crisis with Russia = 109
7-Year Shemitah = 109

Note that the headline just happens to be ‘66’ letters long. Just as the phrase ‘Number of the Beast’ reduces to ‘66’ in gematria. Probably another coincidence, and not at all tied to their current narrative…

As for what might happen in late September and/or Early October, I have covered that in these two articles:

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And Joseph made another good video on Pee-Pee’s alleged “Partial Mobilization,” check it out below.

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