When Controlled Opposition Show You that Nothing is Going on in Ukraine to Win You Over – A Decode of the Video

This video was up on YouTube for several months, which says a lot. If I find the original, I’ll link it again. The film is called, ‘Unbelievable boots on the ground footage, Ukraine March 2022. What is going on here?’

I have shown you numerous of times that this “war” is staged and about 95% fake. It’s a ‘Wag the Dog’ production by the media and some Ukrainian military and crisis actors.
This video shows you that nothing is going on in Ukraine, just as all the webcam live-feeds I have linked on this website. Life goes on as normal just a minute away from the ‘Hollywood’ film sets.

However, this video is filmed for controlled opposition by Freemasons, which is extremely obvious if you pay attention. Remember, they always try their best to control both sides of any conflict or event, that is, they want to control those who can see that it is all fake. That is what controlled opposition is all about. To win your trust and then slowly condition you with false ideas and information.
So, these freemasons making this video casts ‘frequencies’ in order to control your subconscious.

This will be a little example of how to spot hidden messages and to understand who the ‘sender’ of the messages is. Please watch the video before scrolling down to my screenshots.

As the video has been removed by YouTube, this is an edited version.

Here’s a few clips from the video. Did you catch them? Do you understand what this is about?

Those six screenshots are from the first minute of the video! No other numbers where show.
Pure editing to only get the right numbers in the video and to show who made it, the Freemasons with their 33-code.

And a few more…

That is from the first third of the video! Only 6-minutes in!

KA = 42 (Reverse Ordinal) the war code used and the reflection of 24, the day it started. This technique is very common to block of parts of a word to spell something else that has meaning to them.

The first shot of any tall building and it is of ‘two towers,’ symbolism of the two pillars in front of Solomon’s Temple, or the Twin Towers on 9/11.

More of the same, while moving the camera sideways because he does not want to get “caught” filming… As in they don’t want to get caught for 9/11 that was an inside job by the US Government and the Freemasons.

TV = 42 (English Ordinal) The number ‘42’ is one of the most important numbers in this staged war. Read more here.

This can be read as ‘NTH.’
NTH = 42 (English Ordinal.) More 42!

Truckstoppers made of six-edges metal beams. Focusing in on three of them in the middle of the screen as in 6, 6, 6… And for 9 seconds, as the up-side-down of a 6, as in the hanging man. Very Freemasonic. And extremely weird shot to show for 9 seconds if you do not know what the message is.

And the first shot from a food market shows oranges, and not by accident. Classic Freemasonic sign – anything orange.
Orange = 33 (Full Reduction)
And he pans over them at 10:47. As in the 47 degrees on the Masonic Compass.

While talking, he makes sure to film this 40-sign a lot, and not by accident.
Forty = 24 (Reverse Full Reduction)
War started February 24, and Russia is 24, and so on.

And there we go with another 24.

And the video ends with an advertisement for the Staged and very Controlled Freedom Convoy. Such mockery.

Did you catch ’em all?

I might have missed a few things as I watched this in 1.5 speed and just paused for the quick screen shots whenever I registered something.

And while the message is good and true – there is nothing going on more than theatre with some crisis actors, this production still tries to lure you in and program you – and it’s more than obvious with the ‘Freedom Convoy’ shilling at the end.

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