The Mocking Continues – Ukrainian Actor Pasha LEE Dead at 33

This story came on March 7, the 66th day of the year, and it is pure propaganda and mockery at its finest. Just read that first line, “Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee was killed while fighting off Russian forces — having gone from entertainer to soldier who put himself on the front lines in the battle for his country.

Yeah, sure. Pasha LEE Dead at 33. It even rhymes. Not to mention that the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is also an actor. Such mockery.

So, we have an actor, which reduces to ‘33’ in gematria, who was also known as “Pavlo Li,” which also reduces to ‘33,’ who starred in Shtolnya, which reduces to ’33,’ with the surname of ‘Lee’ with the double ‘ee’ symbolizing the Freemasonic ’33,’ who allegedly died at age ’33,’ and it was reported on a Sunday, which reduces to ’33,’ and it happened in Irpin, which also reduces to ’33,’ as reported by “Odesa International Film Festival,” which sums to 330, which is ‘33’ as you remove the zero. Wow! Such coincidences!

Pavlo Li = 33
Actor = 33
Sunday = 33
Irpin = 33
Shtolnya = 33 (the first movie with him they mention in the article)
Masonry = 33 (Freemasons and Jesuits are staging this fake war)
Odesa International Film Festival = 330 = 33

They say he died on ‘the front lines’ of battle in Irpin, as reported on the 66th day of the year, at thirty-tree years of age.

The Front Lines = 66
Irpin = 66
Thirty-Three = 66

They also mention that he starred in “Zvychayna Sprava,” and “The Fight Rules.”
Why is that important? Because they share the same numbers as his name and also shows us the riddle with what this is really about.

Pasha Lee = 67
Zvychayna Sprava = 67
The Fight Rules = 67

Because to them this is a…
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67

Pasha Lee, or ‘Pavlo Li,’ was born on July 10, 1988 – although some sites says 1998, but all media outlets reports him as 33-years old. He reportedly died on March 6, exactly 239-days after his birthday. 239 is the 52nd prime number.

Actor Pasha Lee = 52 & 74
Mortar Shells = 52 & 74 (what allegedly killed him)
Russian = 52 (those who allegedly killed him)

239 days is also 34 weeks.

Ukraine = 34 & 79
Murder = 34 & 79

It is also a span of 240 days, as in 24, the famous Russian-Ukraine war number, as it started on February 24.

His birthday, July 10, can be written as 10/7 here in Europe, which fit nicely into the role he played at his alleged death.

Soldier = 107
Military = 107

This might be one of the most scripted stories so far. Just incredible.
However, if you have the knowledge and know how they operate, you see through it in seconds. The headline alone is a big giveaway.

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