Zelenskyy Meets With Biden 47 Weeks After His Birthday

Aah, the staged and extremely fake war between Russia and Ukraine that seems to have been on life support for months on months now. It’s been an incredible embarrassment of archive footage, crisis actors staged on street corners, wooden props and toy weapons, badly made CGI, and even footage from movies and computer games presented as real for almost 10 months now; although the public lost interest about 8 months ago. Honestly, I can’t remember when I last ran into someone who even mentioned it. Kind of like with the staged and fake pandemic. Very few talked about it, but most thought of it as somewhat “real,” although exaggerated, and played along instead of questioning and researching it as they lost their backbone and critical thinking skills long ago.

Yes, that’s unfortunately the definition of the average man and woman today who claim to be a critical thinker. They believe in every psy-op and hoax while claiming that the mainstream media only exaggerates and twist the stories a little. They think they are ahead simply because they point out that the media lies.

Well, actually everything is a lie. Everything that get exposure on the world stage is scripted and acted. And this “surprise” visit to the US by actor and puppet Zelenskyy, his alleged first trip abroad since they started playing pretend with Putin, was just as scripted by the numbers as everything else.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy was born on January 25, 1978, and his visit to Washington DC and the White House was announced in the media on December 20, which was exactly 47 weeks on the day after his birthday. As you should know by now, 47 is not only a number of great importance to Freemasonry, it’s the number of Government and fake Authority – of the whole fake Government and political theatre.

DC = 47
Ukraine = 47
Vatican = 47
Government = 47
White House = 47
Democrat = 47
Republican = 47
President = 47
Authority = 47
Washington DC = 47, 47

And, as CNN states, this was his first ‘foreign trip’ since his theatre act begun, and that trip was to the US Authority, the Government in Washington DC, at the White House.

Foreign Trip = 137
Washington DC = 137
Authority = 137
Government = 137
White House = 137

And it was a “sincere and supportive meeting” CNN claims.

Sincere and Supportive Meeting = 137

And, of course, ‘Mind Control’ and ‘Church of Satan’ is 137, as we will get to (this is a Satanic ritual…)

He met with Joe Biden on December 21, exactly 330 days after his birthday, as in ’33,’ the Master Teacher Number in Freemasonry, their calling card for everything they play out on the world stage.
And fittingly, December 21 came with a 33-date numerology.
12/21 = 12 + 21 = 33

330 days, as in 330, is also of significance in these rituals as it is one of the numbers that represents Satan. And keep in mind that Beast sums to 47, as in the 47 weeks above.

Beast = 47
Satan = 330

Of course, counting forwards we have 35 days until Zelenskyy’s 45th birthday.

Satan = 35
Baphomet = 35

And on December 21 there was 10 days remaining in the year.

Satan = 10

And it had a 55-date numerology.
12/21/22 = 12 + 21 + 22 = 55

Satan = 55

And Zelenskyy met with Joe Biden on December 21, which came 4 weeks and 3 days, like 43, after Biden’s birthday on November 20.

Zelenskyy = 43
Freemasons = 43

Or, including the end date, it was a span of 4 weeks and 4 days, like 44. And Zelenskyy visited the US Government and Joe Biden.

Joe Biden = 44
US Visit = 44
Government = 44

CNN also mentions that “Zelensky’s arrival will draw poignant echoes of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s arrival in Washington, 81 years ago on Thursday.
Well, Churchill was born on November 30, making this meeting taking place 11 months and 9 days before the anniversary of his birthdate. 119 as in their 9/11 hoax code. How clever.

Zelenskyy could not have visited on a better day. Totally scripted.

Check Joseph’s video decode below.

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