Staged and Fake ‘Home-Made’ Videos from Ukraine on Social-Media

Anyone who has followed real life feeds and/or talked with people in Ukraine know that nothing is going on. Still, there is a lot of shills and disinformation agents spreading staged as well as faked videos on social media for the gullible masses. Trying to convince the diet woke, who know that media lies about everything, that there actually is a war – not just as ‘intense’ as described on the news.

We have the extreme silly video of the tractor crawler missile vehicle that waits for the black car that goes very slow to run it over. A lonely missile vehicle in a city without troops and protection? No convoy? And aiming for a single vehicle – that is obviously radio controlled? And then another stupid video showing how they try to get a person out of that car – a person without a single scratch, who obviously climbed in before they started filming. And even more funny is that the background changed. Most likely not the same car. Also, that same missile vehicle is used in several other home-made videos as well. Blatantly staged.
Or all the silly videos of people cleaning up some broken glass after an alleged missile and/or debris after an explosion. Yeah, sure. Stay there and clean. Do not hide and seek protection if there actually is a war. All meanwhile people play soccer in the background.
And the videos showing Ukrainian “soldiers” with cardboard guns and mags falling out. Hilarious! And people think this is real? Wow.

Since I do not have time to explain and debunk every little thing these shills and disinformation agents come up with, I will link videos below made by some great people explaining this theatre of war.

Mag Bitter Truth going through some video clips:

‘An Journey’ shows some of the fake war footage, taken from video game simulations and old previously used footage:

Ukraine Live Webcams of Strategic Sites – And More Media Fakery – Updated Feb 26, 6PM UTC

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