Shill and Gatekeeper Dr. Rashid Buttar Dead at 57

Dr. Rashid Buttar allegedly died on May 18 according to his family and the Wikipedia page. He was labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to appeal to baby truthers as he presented ridiculous and retarded theories about the staged and fake Covid-19 pandemic. While we all know that the pandemic was fake and that no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist, that contagion and transmission of disease has never been proven, just the opposite; Rashid Buttar pushed the covid-19 hoax by claiming it was a bioweapon, that Anthony Fauci and China was involved, that it was caused by “chemtrails” and 5G cell phone networks, he pushed the snake venom hoax, the shedding hoax, that the vaccines contained dormant Marburg virus that would be activated by 5G, and other idiotic claims that made anyone questioning the pandemic narrative and the vaccines look like a crazy mentally ill conspiracy theorist. And that was his job as a shill, as a gate keeper – to present ridiculous ideas and misinformation to create confusion and make us all look bad, while still supporting most of Big Pharma, Modern Medicine and the damaging and fake germ theory, just as his other shill-buddies and disinformation agents such as Sherri Tenpenny, Christiane Northrup, Carrie Madej, Judy Mikovits, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Ben Tapper, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Erin Elizabeth, Joseph Mercola, and many others, including the “World Doctor Alliance” and “World Freedom Alliance” – all controlled opposition.
I covered most of these shills and gatekeepers in my article about The Academy of Divine Knowledge and the Sasha Stone connections.

If I get time, I might do a quick breakdown and decode of his alleged death, which was by the numbers. Or we will cover that at our uncensored community Ungovernable, where we have tons on information on Buttar and many of the other agents mentioned above.

However, this short article will serve as a reminder that pretty much all “opposition” that get exposure on the world stage is controlled. They are allowed to share small pieces of truth muddled with lies and deception. That is their job, to attract those who are sceptic of the official narrative and entangle them with other lies that protect the core lies of viruses and the germ theory, and they make a fortune from it. And they all work together in groups, collaborating, making it seem that they are a large community with the same sensational information, fighting the ‘government’ and the ‘corporations.’

Buttar was a Freemason, as most of them are, and he is now most likely retired, making all his ridiculous claims “martyr-like” among the gullible baby truthers trapped in the claws of disinformation agents, as they will believe that he was murdered for “telling the truth.” Well, that is how psy-ops work. The best way to not get fooled and pulled into these operations is to have a basic understanding of the virus- and germ theory hoax. To understand that disease comes from within and that it cannot be transmitted.

And as a reminder, this article is still relevant – ‘How to spot Controlled Opposition and Disinformation Agents.’ It covers all this and more.

Controlled Opposition and Disinformation Agents (Viruses and Vaccines) — How to Spot Them
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