Shill Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Dead Just Days After Dr. Carrie Madej Plane Crash

It seems that they are trying to validate dangerous and idiotic practices like using ‘Ivermectin’ and ‘hydroxychloroquine’ while desperately trying to keep the virus lie alive.

These shills, these Controlled Opposition, are used to herd those slowly waking up and realizing that the vaccines are pure poison, used to sterilize, maim and kill us. This is very clever and part of the strategy to always control both sides of an argument, both sides of every coin. By using these “doctors” of “alternative medicine,” they can still keep the idea of viruses and contagion alive as they just change the approach to an imaginary “cure.”

And by having some of these controlled opposition hurt or killed will fuel the idea that they have been “silenced” and that they were “on to something.”
The truth however is simply that if you do not take the maiming, sterilizing and deadly vaccines, they want you to hurt yourself by taking other, just as idiotic maiming, sterilizing and deadly drugs (such as ‘Ivermectin’ and ‘hydroxychloroquine’.)

While Carrie Madej told a lot of truths and only shilled about shedding and detoxing from the covid-vaccine with her ‘detox cocktail,’ Vladimir Zelenko was a total shill going full-retard with “Covid” being real and a bioweapon, and people needing toxic treatments.

As I’ve explained several times, there are no such things as remedies, drugs, or cures that can make you healthy. It does not work that way!

When you experience symptoms of something (as in feeling sick,) these symptoms are from your body’s healing and/or detoxification process. If you take something that suppress or take the symptoms away, it simply means that you interrupted the healing and detoxification process. And by doing that, poison and toxins will continue to accumulate and inflict damage on your body; and the next time your body will try to heal, by making you feel “sick,” it will be worse. If you continue this cycle of taking drugs and remedies every time you feel sick, and thus hindering your body from healing and recovering, you will get real health issues such as organ failure and cancer (your body shielding of toxins in tumors.)

So, all these “doctors” who push ‘alternative treatments’ are just as bad as doctors pushing drugs from Big Pharma.

You can only heal and be healthy by letting your body go through its natural cleansing and healing cycles, and by helping your body by identifying what is actually hurting you, such as your diet, lack of sun exposure, emotional stress, pollution, and so on.

Please read my articles below about this. Not only will they help you understand health, but they will help you in identifying charlatans, shills, and controlled opposition.

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So, please, do not fall for these psy-ops and get lured into thinking that these charlatans were targeted because they speak about “alternative remedies” against something that does not even exist. There are no such things as contagious diseases nor ‘remedies’ or ‘cures!’
Learn about the terrain and about German New Medicine, and get free of the shackles of disinformation and false programming.

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