Political Puppet Tim Pool Allegedly Caught the Fake ‘Rona

A lot of shills, disinformation agents and gatekeepers have been exposing themselves lately by saying they got a virus that doesn’t even exist. Anything to further the Satanic depopulation and New World Order agenda of their true handlers.

In late August, Joe Rogan made an Instagram video lying about getting the fake covid, and in late October, two months after Rogan, Tim Ferriss also posted on Instagram that he tested positive for something that does not exist.
And now, on November 3, the news broke in both mainstream media and alternative media (same shit really), that Tim Pool had a “most excruciatingly painful experience” with Covid-19. Reuters (Jesuit/Rothschild own) was quick to write about it (the image I used.)
Well, most of us already know that the feminine-looking Tim Pool is a clown and controlled opposition for the sleeping zombies, keeping the lie about the left and the right within politics alive. So, this is not a surprise, and his gullible followers on the “right wing” will now have a “strengthened” trust in the biggest lie in history — that viruses exist and the staged and fake pandemic is real. Just as with Joe Rogan’s diet-woke fans or Tim Ferriss “intellectual” followers. Once their fans go through their natural biological cleaning cycle they will think that they got the COVAIDS-1984, that is the purpose and the power of repetition and mind control.

I wrote about controlled opposition and disinformation agents here. Remember, this virus lie is the most important lie to expose! And these paid puppets try to convince you it’s real. War criminals and scum of the earth!

As for Tim Pool, this was an obvious ritual and psychological operation, coded as usual by numerology and gematria, showing who’s in control and that he/she is nothing more than their little puppet.

This story broke on November 3, as in 11/3 = 113. Remember that the fake pandemic was declared on March 11, which can be written in Europe as 11/3 = 113. And that “The World’s Biggest Scam” is 113 (what the coronavirus pandemic is!)

Coronavirus Pandemic = 113 (keyword, what it is about, trying to convince people the lie is real)
Corona Covid-19 Vaccine = 113 (what they want you to take, the experimental and depopulation drug)
Outbreak of Covid-19 = 113 (what they wrote had happened in his production company)
Medical Malpractice = 113 (what the vaccine is and the other harmful drugs such as Ivermectin)

And of course, 113 is the number for dishonesty, which I’ve explained in several posts. Very fitting as these clowns lie about getting an imaginary virus just to keep the totalitarian fake pandemic lie alive.

113 is also the 30th Prime Number.
Outbreak = 30 (what they called it in the story)
Corona = 30 (keyword for the fake pandemic and ‘outbreak’)
Vaccine = 30 (what they want you to take, against the ‘Corona’)
Tim Daniel Pool = 300 = 30 (Reverse English Sumerian)

His tweet and the story broke on November 3, the day leaving 58 days remaining in the year.
Pool = 58
Freemasonry = 58

It was also the 307th day of the year and 307 is the 63rd Prime Number.
Covid-19 = 63 (what it is about, enforcing the lie)
35-year-old = 63 (Tim’s current age)

And November 3, 2021 = 11/3/21 = 11+3+21 = 35
Tim Pool = 35 (Reverse Full Reduction)
YouTube = 35 (he is a “YouTuber”)
And he is currently 35 years old.

Tim Pool was born on March 9, 1986. The story comes 239 days after his birthday.
Agenda Twenty-Thirty = 239 (what they’re working towards)
One World Government = 239 (what they’re working towards)

239 is also the 52nd Prime Number.
Wuhan, Corona = 52 (keyword, the fake virus and the alleged origin of the breakout)
Inoculation = 52 (what they want you to take)
Podcaster = 52 (what Tim is, and whom is the target of this story)
NWO = 52 (New World Order, another word for One World Government)

Note that Tim is currently 35 years-old.
Tim Pool = 35 (as in his age, perfect year for some big story)
YouTube = 35 (where he started)

And he is a what they call a ‘YouTuber.’

YouTuber = 37, 89
Tim Pool = 37, 89 (no wonder he calls himself “Tim Pool” instead of Timothy, just as Tim “Timothy” Ferriss)

This story also comes 238 days after the anniversary of the declaration of the fake corona pandemic on March 11.
Covid-19 = 238 (Satanic cipher)

In Tim’s twitter, he referred to the treatment as simply “kitchen sink.”
Kitchen Sink = 66
Number of the Beast = 66 (always coded in covid and vaccine stories, and these drugs are also very dangerous and can sterilize you)

The article also claims that Tim got a “kitchen sink treatment” of “monoclonal antibodies”, another scam in the pseudoscience of “modern medicine.” As we discussed so many times, we do not have antibodies. We have globulins that seal up and heal damaged cells from effects of poison. So, if they give you lab-grown globulins, that would probably help a bit if you are poisoned and/or experience cell damage, but calling it “antibodies” are beyond stupid, just as the whole Rockefeller Medical Establishment. A big fat money making lie!

Kitchen Sink Treatment = 86 (what they refereed the treatment as)
Monoclonal Antibodies = 86 (what they claim he used)
Political Commenter = 86 (what Tim is, and who got the “kitchen sink” treatment)

In his tweet, he also mentions Azithromycin.
Tim Daniel Pool = 64, 71
Azithromycin = 64, 71

And Ivermectin, on November 3, 2021 = 11/3/2021 = 11+3+20+21 = 55
Ivermectin = 55 (Full Reduction)
Therapeutics = 55 (Full Reduction) (as they are called in the article)

And as for the headline, it sums up to 3693 in the Satanic cipher. That is a sequence of ‘369’, the Freemason Nikola Tesla’s “keys to the universe”, something they frequently use in stories and advertisements. Since 2020 this “code” has been bastardized in various memes and by shills using it to sell the “Law of Attraction” or “how to use 3-6-9 for success” and other bullshit.
Still, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen price tags of $369 or similar references.

His initials, TP, just happen to be ’36’ in English Ordinal just as Covid-19 is ’36’ in Full Reduction. And TP is ‘9’ in Full Reduction, so you could say that you got another 369…

Again, another puppet in the Alternative Media on the “Right Wing” keeping the covid and virus lie alive. Very strategically as many of those are supposedly anti-vaccination and against the lockdowns.

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