No, we do not have an “Immune System”! Let us stop using that terminology!

I’ve touched on this in several previous posts and I’ll tell why it matters in just a little while. First, and this in undisputable – the germ and virus theory is FALSE. It’s the biggest lie in modern history. We do not get sick by any kind of contagion. This was a theory put forth by Pasteur, which he later recanted and said that his nemesis Bernard had been right all along – it’s all about the terrain. Unfortunately, the evil Rockefeller saw enormous profit and potential in the “germ theory” and founded ‘modern medicine’ based on this lie.

The idea that we have an “immune system” comes from this faulty germ theory – and that is a big problem. You see, the ‘germ theory’ is all about instilling you with fear from an invisible enemy. It’s like war. You are being attacked and the only way to combat the ‘threat’ is by medicine such as antibiotics, vaccines or other totally useless but deadly crap.
Now, we know that the only things that can make you sick are nutrition deficiencies, poison, toxins, EMF and similar radiation exposure, pharmaceuticals/drugs, poor sleep, and negative emotions such as anger, perpetual fear, and unresolved trauma. And again, you cannot get a disease from another person or living being. We do not transmit disease. That goes against nature and biology.

This means that we do not have an “Immune System” or “Immune Defense” (as it was called back in the days.) There is nothing to fight, nothing to build immunity for. That is germ-theory bullshit. As long as you believe in this lie, you will be programmed to think that your body can be invaded by invisible foes in form of germs or viruses – and that you need a deadly jab to build “immunity”.
So, instead, let’s call it for what it is – a natural cleansing or detoxifying ability. That is all it is.

The same is true with the nonsense about “antibodies”. There is no such thing as “antibodies” as the fraudulent ‘modern medicine’ claims. What is actually happening is that when a body get poisoned, that poison tear holes in cells. The body’s reaction when cells break down is to form globulins, small protein bodies that act as sealing substances. These immediately expand in acidic environments, saving the cell from destruction. And yes, these sealing substances is what the pseudoscience call “antibodies,” as in ‘immunoglobulins.’ Insert face-palm here.
For the sleeping masses, who has been programmed through school and media to believe in false authoritative figures in white coats and suits, this is sacred dogma. However, we who have a higher intellect and can think outside of the box, we who observe nature, biology, and microbiology, we know better! It is all about the terrain!

We have bacteria/microbes that consume toxins and damaged or dead cells. If they can’t keep up, toxins might get over the threshold in a certain part of our body, poisoning the bacteria and making it sick, which will cause an infection. If this happens, our cells that has been poisoned produce endosomes that will find and encapsulate these toxins. As they leave the cell carrying toxins, they are called exosomes. Then they enter the bloodstream so we flush them out. This was what Pasteur found and thought was making us sick and named a “virus”. This is also what happens during what the fraudulent Medical Establishment calls a “flu” (a seasonal natural detox.) In reality, there was nothing “infecting” us. It was our natural cleaning procedure taking care of toxicity and faulty bacteria by flushing them out (coughing, snoring and sweating from fever.)

This is also what is so extremely dangerous with the new vaccines and “spike proteins”. They will produce exosomes for only a specific detoxification process. As soon as your body need to clean out other toxins, it will not be able to produce endosomes. In other words, you will not be able to detoxify from any other toxins outside of what those spike proteins will program you for (which is something that doesn’t even exist). So, once you have build-up a lot of toxicity and your body tries to clean it out, nothing will happen and you will die, probably for some sort of organ failure or brain damage (thereof their play at the zombie apocalypse).

So, to conclude. As long as people keep using the term “Immune System” or “antibodies”, we are still getting programmed with the idea of fighting something that is attacking us. We still get programmed with the idea of “immunity” and “anti”-this “anti”-that. So, please, stop using these terms. Instead say, “my natural cleaning ability will keep me healthy and keep me from getting sick”.

And remember, for your body to be able to function and get rid of dead and sick bacteria and expel toxins at a daily interval, you need all essential nutrients in bioavailable form. This is only possible by follow our natural species appropriate diet (animal-based.) You also need to limit toxic food, especially vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and any kind of fast- or ready-made food. You also need to get plenty of sleep, sunlight, exercise and do your best to avoid toxic materials, pollution, radiation and such (as mentioned above.)

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