Germ Theory is a LIE! The Terrain is Everything!

Why Understanding the Biological Terrain is so Important for Health

Understanding the terrain theory/biological terrain is not only about realizing that there are no contagious diseases, that bacteria is essential to life, and that sickness can only come from within – it’s most importantly about letting go of fear and worries.
I realized this when the terrain theory led me to German New Medicine.

Back in 2017, I still believed most of what Western “Modern” Medicine preaches, including the germ theory. This was when my tumors grew and I got so sick I could barely function for more than an hour a day. The Medical Establishment could not offer me anything, and my own studies into “medical science” and pharmacology could not help me one bit. 17 years of studies wasted! Actually, that “knowledge” only caused more questions than answers.
As my liver, my kidneys, and my thyroid gland started to fail and my bloodwork was a complete mess, I discovered the carnivore diet. It was a good fit, since I was to weak and tired to cook. I just got help to buy and bring home meats, eggs, hard cheese, raw milk, butter, beef liver, bone marrow, and fish roe – and I ate it all raw. I fermented the liver by cutting it in small pieces, keeping them in a glass jar and eating a few bites everyday as the beneficial bacteria multiplied.

In early 2017, before I got sick, I was my usual muscular self at about 76 kg (167 lbs). At my worst, in February 2018, I was down to 57 kg (125 lbs), my lowest body weight since I was a young teenager. After about 4 to 5 weeks of being Carnivore I had gained 4 kg (9 lbs) while being totally inactive and my health markers had improved a little. I was no longer in risk of total organ failure and dying. At that point I did a 9-day fast with two short 2-day dry fasts in between, only drinking my own formulated electrolyte water on the other days. It was after that fast that my severe asthma I have had for 39 years was completely gone. The tumor in my leg had shrunk as you could feel by touching the IT-band on the leg. As spring and summer approached, I also realized that my allergies had disappeared as well. I continued to follow my carnivore diet and as soon as I had gained some weight, I did a couple of more 7-day fasts and then 5-day fasts — all of them with a few days of dry fasting in the middle.
In mid-2018 my blood work was normal and at the end of 2018 it was more in tune with my previous elite-level standard.

In early 2020 I discovered German New Medicine. GNM is simply an extension of the terrain theory with focus on the psyche. It explains how we develop emergency protocols when we are facing immediate danger, fear, psychological traumas and/or severe mental stress. Our body upregulates the function of cells, tissues and organs associated with the perceived danger. It’s a mental connection between our brain and the tissue or organ. Once we perceive that the danger has passed, we enter the healing phase and our body begin to break down this reconstruction of cells which causes different symptoms which we erroneous believe is disease. The thing is that once we have developed such an emergency protocol it can be triggered by any similar scenario and the cycle starts all over again – with the same area of the body being affected and with the same or very similar symptoms. A perfect example of this is ‘food allergies.’
As a kid you might have been drinking milk when a sibling scared you or maybe said something that made you angry. This mental trauma got connected to consuming milk and every time you do consume anything with milk in it, you get that same uneasy feeling and your digestive system shuts down as danger is perceived and you get stomach cramps or even diarrhea. That same emergency protocol can also be triggered by the same feeling. If a colleague, family member or even a stranger make you feel like you did as a kid in that situation, you will get an upset stomach that day or the following day.

The only way to remove these connections and emergency protocols is by identifying them. When you get an upset stomach, muscle or joint pain, edema, a skin rash, acne, or whatever the ailment, you need to look for any kind of stressor, trauma or conflict you might have been exposed to the previous couple of days. You need to identify what triggered you to feel a certain way and why you felt that way and acknowledge the connection. Then you need to work on accepting your reaction and to make sure that the next time this happens, you do not react in that way. You stay calm, rational and you solve that conflict in a positive way. You tell yourself that this event or feeling will not affect you.

The most common reasons for getting sick and experiencing all kind of symptoms are fear and anger. And that is what this little article is about, and why understanding the terrain theory actually helps in ways that German New Medicine approaches – without you even realizing it.
That is what I experienced after I healed.

My body’s recovery was extremely quick, especially considering I was only weeks from multiple organ failure. Sure, I did get all the bioavailable nutrients my body needed to detoxify and to heal by adopting our species appropriate carnivore diet. And yes, the fasting helped with generating new stem cells and accelerating healing through autophagy. But one of the most important factors was the mental realization that there is no contagion – that we cannot catch a disease. The realization that germs and bacteria are harmless and actually our body’s garbage men – helping with cleaning out dead cell debris. That healing must start from within by giving your body everything it needs, by avoiding toxins and stressors, and by keeping a calm and positive mental attitude – not worrying about imaginary and invisible boogeymen.

Letting go of all that unnecessary fear of getting sick from something out of your control, and especially that other people could make you sick – that was truly a life-changing experience. And since this realization in early 2018, I have not been sick one single day. I only get a runny nose for a few hours or perhaps some night sweats for an hour when my body goes through a natural cleaning cycle – and that is it. No symptom of detox lasts for more than one or two hours and no more than a few times a year. And yes, I have tried to get sick from helping elderly people when they got “sick”, including helping people with symptoms labelled as the fake imaginary Covid-19. I’ve exposed myself to a lot of bacteria and unclean milieus. Nothing! Just as all the experiments in the 18- and early 1900’s where they tried to “infect” people with a “contagion” but no one got sick.

Before this I was sick 3 to 4 times a year, spanning several weeks each time. I always got pneumonia and/or sinusitis every winter. These “illnesses”, just as the flu, are simply very tough cleaning cycles when toxins have built up to extreme levels (as your normal daily detox does not work as intended.)
After going carnivore and understanding the biological terrain, ridding myself of all fear – nothing. No “sickness”, no symptoms of being ill. Not one single day in 3,5 years! That is the true power of understanding the terrain. And if you get into German New Medicine, it takes you a few steps further – as you now begin to understand the psychological aspects of staying healthy, of staying bulletproof!

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