An Anecdote – The Many Faces of Disease/Symptoms

As you might know, I got severely ill in 2017 with tumors and organs almost failing. I tried the carnivore diet, mostly raw meat and organs, and later on prolonged fasting and healed in record-time. Before 2017 I was sick 2 to 4 times a year for several weeks. After adopting an animal-based diet in early 2018 and also discovering the Terrain Theory, I have not been sick a single day. I’ve only felt some minor detox symptoms for a few hours a few times a year. I also healed my life-long asthma and allergies and threw away all my medicines. I know that viruses do not exist. That transmittable diseases are a profitable lie. That you cannot be infected by other people. That the whole Rockefeller Modern Medicine is a fraud, the lie of a century.
Shortly after realizing all this, I found German New Medicine which proves that trauma and mental stressors such as anger and fear create most symptoms of disease. That is how I fixed my life-long digestion problems. It was all in the mind from previous traumas and belief programming.

This brings me to my latest little anecdote. Early this week, as soon as I laid down to sleep, my breathing became a bit difficult. I could only take short and straining breaths, just as when I had asthma before 2018. First, I thought it was a detox symptom, that I had accumulated some toxins in my lungs that needed to come out. So, I toughed it out, but my sleep suffered. Then I woke up at 3:00 am on Thursday morning and could not sleep. My breathing was difficult, but it got back to normal as soon as I was up and about. Did not think about it at all during the day. Then this night I woke at 1.20 am and my breathing was very shallow and strained. I got up, it got a bit better and I tried to sleep again. But it got really bad as soon as my head hit the pillow. So, I started thinking about what this could be. Thinking back about this week.

This Thursday we had a housing division after my dead mother’s recently passed away husband. I had been reminded a lot about my youth and where I grew up. And that had triggered some old traumas. My memories about my asthma, when it was at its worst, was always about having trouble breathing and being confined to a bed. At that moment I realized that it was not a detoxification, it was all in my mind. Old traumas being triggered while lying in my bed without me even realizing it. And then, as I turned around, I realized that I was breathing as normal again as ever. Effortless. The trauma conflict was acknowledged and resolved. And I got a few more hours of really excellent sleep and woke up refreshed and feeling as healthy and good as ever.

Once again, the power of the psyche, as explained in German New Medicine, is truly fascinating and nothing to sneer at.
I just thought I would share that. If you experience any symptoms of “illness”, take some time to examine your feelings and what you have experienced in the last days or weeks and if anything could be connected to something traumatic you’ve experienced before.
Considering what is going on in the world, all the lies and deceit from a fake and staged “pandemic”, the contagion and virus lie, many are living in fear and have feelings of hopelessness, anger, and distress – and that will eventually manifest as symptoms, as “disease.”

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