Virus shedding from Vaccines and other nonsense

I see a lot of posts with speculation about what can happen to us real organic humans when we have contact with those who have taken the CONvid Vaccine – since they are now modified, that is, ‘transhuman’ or ‘zombies.’

First, there is no such thing as Virus shedding or super-spreaders. That is just more fear-mongering from controlled oppositions. Living beings cannot infect each other with disease. The germ theory (and Virus theory) is the biggest lie in our modern history. It’s been debunked so many times I’m just going to leave it there.
And the talk about spike proteins… Spike proteins does not exist naturally in nature or in our bodies. If biologically engineered, they will not survive outside of a body, as proteins are very fragile. So, if they could mess with you, they need to be transferred to you by bodily fluids. I repeat – they can not exist outside of a body. Breathing the same air will not make you sick! However, sexual intercourse, blood transfusions, and breastfeeding, for example, could transfer both toxins, “spike proteins” and graphene oxide.

With that being said, there are other things to take into consideration.

Your body has a sympathetic response to other living beings’ nervous systems. This is a kind of communication that is taking place unconsciously. Anything about their being sends out information and we pick up on that. This involves our electromagnetic field, our bacteria that is essential to life, our nervous system and hormone system, and so on.
That is why you feel good being around specific people that kind of mirror you and/or being with animals, as they are fully natural and balanced.

So, if that information is being fed to a real organic human from a modified transhuman (zombie) who has taken the Vaccine, who knows what that is going to do? It could mess with your electromagnetic field, your bacteria, your psychology, your sleep (circadian rhythm), your hormones (menstrual cycle) or anything else – because it is simply not natural.
In other words, there is a small risk that those Vaccinated could affect us in a harmful way. But you cannot get sick or die from contact with any living being – modified or not. That is not how nature works, nor biology. You need to exchange bodily fluids to get something engineered transferred to you.
We can only get sick by poison, chemicals, radiation, malnutrition, stress and mental trauma (and by killing off our bacteria by being stupid and using hygiene products and detergents).

Updated with more information from my answers on other posts:

Anyone making claims on “Virus shedding” are either trapped in the pseudoscience of the fraudulent germ theory or they are controlled opposition. As I wrote, your body has a sympathetic response to other living beings’ nervous systems – and receiving information from a non-organic vaccinated human could mess with our health. That is one reason why people are reporting strange symptoms. There is also the psychological aspect to take into consideration, as shown in German New Medicine. A lot of diseases are actually psychological. They are bound to traumas, to anger or to fear. In this case it can be as simple as the feeling of separation or being on the outside when someone or many within your family get fooled into taking the vaccine, but you are intelligent and brave enough to say no.

These feelings can manifest as symptoms, especially as skin disease such as spots, rashes, etcetera. And when “experts” start to talk about “virus shedding” and you think you are being attacked by something invisible from people you want to be close to, that could really set of a myriad of symptoms and make you very sick. These claims about “virus shedding” are fear mongering. They really want to divide us further and further.
Vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated. And this will add to this psychological aspect of disease. The only way to stay healthy is to realize your fears and that they are unfounded. There are no viruses, there are no contagion, and there are no virus shedding.

The “experts” touting this are either ignorant or told to do so. The governing elite are always playing both sides. While their message seems to be against vaccines, they still support the germ and virus lie – amping up the fear. To be rid of this tyranny forever, we need to expose that lie. When it’s established that there is NO contagion, then they can never play that evil card again and Big Pharma and their deadly vaccines will be a thing of the past, opening up for the importance of nutrition, real homeopathic healing and German New Medicine.

Another possibility, after watching the Pfizer vaccine in a microscope at 2000x magnification and seeing moving living things in there, is that there could be microorganisms or nano-technology in these vaccines, more so than the graphite oxide. These could be transmitted from a vaccinated person to an organic real human by saliva or sexual intercourse. If the microorganisms has been modified or the nano-bots/graphite been programmed for specific tasks, who knows what could happen.

And finally, we have bacteria overload. A vaccinated person is subjected to poisons, toxins, and injury from the shot. This results in cellular damage and their body will try to detoxify the extremely unhealthy content of the vaccine. As you may know, bacteria is the garbage men and repair crew of our physiology. And depending on the poison and/or toxins the bacteria has to clean up, they can in turn be poisoned and even transform. So, in a vaccinated person, there can be an accumulation of certain strains of bacteria needed for detoxification, clean-up and repair, and most likely also a lot of poisoned and ‘rogue’ bacteria. Now, healthy and unvaccinated people who comes in contact with these vaccinated people might not be accustomed to that strain of bacteria or that amount of that strain that the vaccinated person carries, and the unvaccinated person can get sick or even poisoned from that bacterial overload. That is one likely scenario for “shedding.” It’s not some engineered mRNA protein, it’s simply a bacterial overload that even overwhelms other people around the vaccinated person.
If this theory of mine is correct, we will see an increase in sick children, even those unvaccinated as they come in contact with unhealthy vaccinated children at kindergarten and schools, because they are not as accustomed to as many bacteria strains as adults are, and also more receptible as they are smaller and weaker.

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