Next on the Agenda: Cyber Pandemics!

Yes, The World Economic Forum (WEF) are at it again, showing us in plain sight what they have in store for us next, i.e., Revelation of the Method. Remember Event 201 and Clade-X before that? Event 201 was an ‘exercise’ organized in October 2019 to simulate what might happen if there was a severe Corona pandemic. That event was hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. After this event many of us warned that this would be their next step in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, that they would fake a world-wide pandemic to usher in their New World Order. And as history now clearly can show, we were right. And as a bonus, the first pandemic simulation, Clade-X, was held exactly 666 days before Covid-19 was declared a Pandemic in March of 2020. Very much scripted by the numbers!

Now, the same evil puppets of the Cabal are organizing a new simulation called “Cyber Polygon 2021” in July this year. The previous years of Cyber Polygon have been very low key. Unless you looked for it, you would not know they were organizing it. But this year, it’s all over the media and the news? Why? Because they are ready to implement it on a wide scale! Just as with Event 201. No-one had heard of Clade-X, but Event 201 with Bill Gates was all over YouTube. So… This ‘exercise’ will simulate a fictional cyber-attacks with participants from dozens of countries responding to “a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real time.” – as in food supply chains and power outages.

Considering that they implemented the fake Corona pandemic about 1 to 3 months after Event 201, my prediction is that they will start disrupting the Internet in September of 2021, probably around September 11 as a 20-year tribute to their successful False Flag in the CIA-controlled demolition of the twin towers.

At first, there will be minor glitches and time-outs, and the mainstream news will speak of “organized cyber-attacks” from newly formed terrorist groups, probably tied to some political nonsense. This will start to happen this spring and summer – probably against power supply and the food chain, as they want to stage a fake food shortage within the next years.

This will most likely be their next step towards total control and a ‘reset’ of the economic system. Their CIA hackers will attack businesses at random while banks will be told to play along and pretend they are under repeated attacks. You will have a hard time accessing your funds, reaching social media or other platforms to contact people. This is the perfect smokescreen to introduce a GOVERNMENT controlled crypto currency – that at the next stage will be tied to a microchip implant! And at the same time, they will most likely ban and make all other crypto currencies illegal. They will probably say that the “Cyber Terrorists” are funded by Bitcoin, Monero, Doge Coin and even Pirate Chain… And of course, new stricter rules must be set in place.
The Internet will be heavily monitored, much more so than it is today. Social Media will only be accessed trough valid identification (Digital ID/Passport) and using a credit/point system, where anything controversial you post will drain your points. Further on, new laws will be passed where they will simply shut off your Internet connection if you do not play by their rules, or if you share “fake news”, as that will be deemed a terrorist act. In other words, if you tell the truth about anything or try to expose their agenda, they will shut you out. At first, this will be easy to go around. But when microchip implants become mandatory, probably around 2030, it will be needed for Internet access, as it will be needed for any service or to access your own funds.

I will keep an eye on this and write more as we approach the date of this simulation.

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