Coop Fake Attack

The Fake “Cyber Attacks” in Sweden – All Staged as Part of Their Agenda

This will be very quick, as I’m currently taking a break from internet and social media for a few days.

Worst “affected” was the grocery chain stores named Coop.

Coop: 22, 59
IT-attack (Cyber Attack): 22, 59

Coop experienced problems on Friday evening and had to close most of their stores all over Sweden during Saturday, July 3, 2021.

July 2 = 7/2/2021 = 7+2+2+0+2+1 = 14
Coop: 14, 14

July 2 = 7/2 = 72
Cyber Polygon 2021: 72
Cyber Threats: 72

7/2/20/21 = 7+2+20+21 = 50
Cyber Polygon: 50

7/3/20/21 = 7+3+20+21 = 51
IT-attack: 510 = 51 (English Sumerian)

July 3 or 3rd of July = 3/7 = 37
Cyber Attack: 37
Offline: 37 (Jew Red), 37 (Chaldean)

Coop have announced that they might be able to open up some stores today, Sunday, July 4. 7/4 = 4/7 = 47
Öppna (open): 47
7/4/21 = 7+4+2+1 = 14
Coop: 14

This was obviously another Revelation of the Method for what is to come and their cashless (microchip implant) agenda, performed as a tribute to World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon, which will be held again on July 9. Note that this alleged attack started exactly one week before Cyber Polygon.

This staged attack was also a part of the cashless society agenda. Some people may think this is good, since you would be able to pay with cash. But you need to look at the bigger picture. They closed down the stores and they are now talking about apps and payment solutions for “offline” payments. In other words, these fake and staged attacks are only a means to push this technology on to us at a faster pace – paving the road for The Mark of The Beast, a.k.a., the evil microchip implants that will make you their slave in every possible aspect of life – with location tracking, full access to all your funds, the ability of locking you out of your job or even your home, blacklisting you at any chosen venue, monitoring your health and interfering with it, and so on.

Remember, there are no real hackers doing any of this. They are following the script of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. It’s all staged by the Intelligence/Secret Service as a drill for “National Security.” Those who fit the narrative, the Gematria and Numerology will be approached in advance and coerced to play along for the good of the country. Only a few within the board and their most trusted IT-guy knows what is going on and they all sign non-Disclosure agreements.

And as I have decoded and foretold during the spring, this will only get more and more common. Expect a lot more “Cyber Threats” this autumn after they’ve had their Cyber Polygon simulation – including staged attacks on the power grid and supply chains for the ecosystem.


You can’t make this sh*t up!
The “hacker group” called ‘Revil’ want 598 million Swedish Crowns as ransom for the “cyberattack”. Why the heck 598 and not 600? Or more?
Because it’s scripted. It’s a drill. It’s not real!!! And they must adhere to Gematria and numerology!!!

598 is 5+9+8 = 22
Coop = 22
It-attack = 22

And it gets better!

Revil = 66, 30, 33, 33 in the English ciphers!
66 is short for 666, as “Number of the Beast” = 66
And you know all about 33 from Scottish Rite Freemasonry – their highest degree!

And remember, this happened on July 4 with 47-numerology. The 47 degrees of the Freemasonic compass… And the 90-degree angle at the bottom added to the 47-degree at the top totals 137, the 33rd prime!

Also, in Swedish for ransomware attack:
Utpressningsattack = 66

‘Revil’ you say… Mockery I say!

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