Philippine Air Force plane crash

Philippine Air Force plane crash – was it staged?

Friends in the Philippines asked me to take a quick look at this story. So, let’s break this down using the ancient and traditional way of Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality.

A C-130 military plane from the Philippine Air Force crashed in Jolo, Sulu, and at least 50 people are dead, as reported by Armed Forces Chief Cirilito Sobejana.

C-130 Military Plane: 162, 72
Philippine Air Force: 162, 108
Cirilito Sobejana: 162, 72, 108
Fifty People: 162

Armed Forces Chief: 138
Philippine Air Force Plane: 138

Military Plane: 65
Philippines: 65

The whole story, including Cirilito Sobejana is heavily coded. This is impossible with any other name, plane model or country.

The C-130 military plane was transporting troops from Cagayan de Oro and crashed in Patikul village, Jolo, Sulu. 50 people are reported as dead.

Cagayan de Oro: 80
Fifty Dead: 80

Patikul: 99, 45, 27
Philippine Air Force: 99
Fifty People: 99, 45
50 dead: 99, 27

Jolo, Sulu: 46, 46
Fifty Dead: 46, 46

Jolo, Sulu: 26
50 people: 26

Extremely coded, especially the death toll reported! Makes you wonder how many actually died. More than 50? The reported death toll simply fits the narrative and the Gematria. No one will ever know the exact number.

The military plane was carrying 96 troops.

Transporting Troops: 104
Ninety-six: 104

Ninety-six: 139
Military Air Disaster: 139

The whole story is very, very scripted!

This happened on a Sunday and they say the accident happened because the plane ‘missed the runway’, as reported by the Armed Forces Chief.

Missed the Runway: 84
Sunday: 84
Armed Forces Chief: 84

Runway: 33
Sunday: 33
Philippines: 330 (extended) = 33

Article with the new “50 people” death toll was updated at 04:13 = 4:(1+3) = 44
Fifty Dead: 44

The crash happened on July 4, 2021,in Jolo = 7/4/20/21 = 7+4+20+21 = 52
Jolo: 52

July 4, 2021 can also be written as 7/4/2021 = 7+4+2+0+2+1 = 16
Jolo: 16

And, July 4 is 74.
Killing: 74
50 people: 74

This sure look staged, as a planned ritual. Gematria never lies and there are just too many matches of the most important keywords, (that make the whole story), to be coincidences. You had a better chance winning a lottery a couple of times in a row. The world is a stage! Prayers to those sacrificed just because some Satanists wanted script our reality, just as God created the world by combining the number with the letter with the word.

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