Russia Plane Crash

Another Scripted Plane Crash – this time in Russia

Only two days after the scripted plane crash in the Philippines, they stage another one in Russia. We can only pray for the lives sacrificed in their number games. And this one, being the imaginary enemy of Russia, is very well scripted.
Let’s take a quick look at this story, using the ancient practice of Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

The headline reads:
“Plane carrying 28 passengers crashes in Russia’s far east”

And the story continues as:
“The plane, a Russian-built Antonov An-26 twin-engined turboprop, was flying from the regional capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the village of Palana, in Kamchatka’s north…”

This happened on July 6. 2021 = 7/6 = 6/7 = 67, which matches the number of passengers onboard.
28 passengers: 67, 67

And why 28 passengers?
28 passengers: 87
Russia: 87

The plane took off from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: 88
Antonov An-26: 880 = 88

It was heading for Palana in Kamachatka’s north with 28 passengers.
Kamchatka: 24
Russia: 24

Twenty-eight: 57
Kamchatka: 57

July 6, 2021 can also be written as 7/6/20/21 = 7+6+20+21 = 54, which matches the plane model in three ciphers(!)
Antonov AN-26: 54, 54, 54

July 6, 2021 is also 7/6/2021 = 7+6+2+0+2+1 = 18, which matches the destination.
Palana: 18

This happened on a Tuesday, which matches the plane number and the location.
Tuesday: 40, 95
RA-26085: 40
Far East: 95

And why was this plane model with the tail number ‘’RA-26085″ used in this ritual?

Antonov An-26: 43
Plane Crash: 43

RA-26085: 56
Plane Crash: 56

Double match!

They use the term “twin-engined turboprop” several times, which is overkill. And also, you usually write “twin-engine” without an additional “d”. Let’s examine why they did that…

Twin-engined: 124, 56
Antonov An-26: 124
RA-26085: 56
Plane Crash: 56

Antonov An-26: 43
Tail Number: 43, 65
Plane Crash: 43, 65
Killing: 43

Twin-engined turboprop: 112
28 passengers: 112

By spelling it that way, you get matches with the plane model and its tail number – and the phrase ‘tail number’ matches with Antonov An-26 and plane crash – and the whole phrase ‘twin-engined turboprop’ lines up with ’28 passengers’, so it’s important for synchronicity and their word magic. The more coherent the coding, the stronger the spell in their belief.

Notice that the number ‘56’ is prevalent in this story. Check my article about ‘56’ for more on this very important number. And yes, Society of Jesus, or The Jesuit Order, is 56.

The article states that, “the plane was found 4 to 5 kilometers from the Palana airport runway.” 4 to 5, as in 45.
Palana: 45

Also, there is as always, a connection to other operations they are running.

Plane Crash: 65, 43
Hackers: 65, 43

Antonov An-26: 124, 43, 135, 54
Hackers: 124, 43
Complete Chaos: 135, 54
Build Back Better: 135, 54
Warm Weather: 135, 54
Cyber Threats: 54
Power Blackout: 54

28 passengers: 52
Hackers: 52

Plane Crash: 97, 173, 56, 65
Internet Disruption: 97
Cyber Security: 173, 65
Cyber Hacking: 65
Food Shortage: 56
Power Outage: 56
World Central Bank: 97, 173, 65

So, this looks very much like another planned and staged event, most likely performed as a ritual and in synchronicity with the fake hacker-attacks and the upcoming Cyber Polygon simulation. And, are they hinting about attacks against banks, food chains and power plants? Will that be the theme in this year’s Cyber Polygon?  Even ‘warm weather’ is coded with the plane model to connect with their weather modification warfare they’re currently running.
And remember, this is their code, this is how they have shaped reality since Babylon. Many of their stories are connected to increase their ‘magic’ and ‘spells’ on those still sleeping, while revealing their method for keeping their ‘karma’ clean.

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