3 Brothers Allegedly Die in Michigan After Car Rolls into Pond

This story broke on February 20, a day with kill-date numerology, the same day when 31-years old Jamal Edwards, the founder of SB.TV was found dead.
Just a quick glance at this story confirms that it is either totally fabricated, or if there was an accident, all facts were changed and fabricated to fit their numerology and gematria.

“Three young brothers died in Michigan after the car they were in struck a curb and rolled into an iced-over retention pond in Holland, Ottawa County Sheriff’s Lt. Eric Westveer said.”

This was reported on February 20, the 51st day of the year.

“3 brothers” = 51

February 20, 2022 = 2/20/2022 = 2 + 20 + 20 + 22 = 64
February 20, 2022 = 2/20/22 = 2 + 20 + 22 = 44

Michigan = 44 & 64
Kill = 44 & 64

“The 30-year-old mother, whose name was not released, was able to escape the vehicle but could not free her sons, who were all restrained by seat belts and car seats, Westveer said.

Authorities eventually freed the boys from the partially submerged vehicle, which was upside down in 3-to-4-feet of water, and transported them to local hospitals, Westveer said.

The 3-year-old and 4-year-old were pronounced dead at Holland Hospital, authorities said, and the 1-year-old was transported to Zeeland Community Hospital and then to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead Thursday evening.”

So, 3-to-4-feet of water and 3- and 4-year-old brothers. Sounds legit, and not many mothers have children with only one year apart, but I digress.

3 and 4 is obviously 34. And mother is commonly used in fake and staged murders and killings, as they line up in gematria.

Mother = 34, 79, 83
Murder = 34, 79, 83
Society of Jesus = 79 (The Jesuit Order, writing the script)

The children were restrained by ‘seat belts’ and ‘car seats.’

Seat Belts = 340 = 34
Car Seats = 34

And the mother was supposedly 30-years old and this happened in Holland County of Ottawa.

Holland = 30
Mother = 30
Murder = 30
Drown = 30
3-to-4-feet = 30

Pretty much sums it all up in one cipher.

The name of the County Sheriff is “Westveer” with double ‘ee’ as ‘in the freemasonic ’33.’

Police = 30 & 33
Holland = 30 & 33
3-to-4 Feet = 33

Westveer = 99
Three young brothers = 99
Westveer = 45
3 Brothers = 45

The car was a Chevrolet Tahoe, or simply “Chevy Tahoe” as they put it in the article, and it rolled into an ‘icy pond.’

Chevy Tahoe = 41
Icy Pond = 41

Notice that the headline at CNN is exactly ‘56’ letters, and it is about ‘three’ brothers who died. They just love their ’56.

Three = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Again, this is only scratching the surface of everything coded in this fabricated story. You get the idea. The world is a stage, and almost everything is scripted on the major news outlets, no matter the size of the story.

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