The Luna Rituals: Four Police Officers Allegedly Committed Suicide

According to the fabricated and ritual “news,” four current and former members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department died by suicide in less than 24 hours last week.

We are stunned to learn of these deaths, and it has sent shockwaves of emotions throughout the department,” Sheriff Robert Luna said in a statement.”

This story of ‘four’ officers that committed suicide within ‘24’ hours was released on Sunday, November 12, 2023, a span of ‘24’ days before the anniversary of Sheriff Robert Luna assuming office on December 5, 2022. The number of ‘four’ officers equals 24.
24 days is the same as 3 weeks and 3 days, like the Police and Freemasonic ’33.’ Also, ’24 Hours’ equals 33 in the same cipher as ‘Police’ and ‘Robert,’ the name of the Sheriff.

Four = 24 (Four officers allegedly died of suicide within 24 hours)

The first police officer quoted in this ‘Sunday’ story was ‘Omar Delgado,’ simply referred to as ‘Delgado,’ which of course equals ’33,’ same as Sunday in the same cipher.

Police = 33
24 Hours = 33 (Four police officers died of suicide in 24 hours)
Robert = 33 (The Sheriff’s name is Robert)
Masonry = 33 (The Police is run by Masons)
The Masons = 33
Sunday = 33 (They published this fake story on a Sunday)
Delgado = 33 (The first police officer interviewed in the fake article)

Note that the article was updated on the 23rd minute of the hour instead of the 24th. However, using the ancient Chaldean cipher, which is cleverly used in this story, 23 is a perfect match with ‘four’ officers allegedly committing ‘suicide.’

Four = 23
Suicide = 23
Murder = 23 (always coded in these rituals)
Jesuits = 23 (the masters of the Freemasons)

Also, the name of the CNN reporter, ‘Emma Tucker’ reduces to 38, the number of murder, killing, and death.

As for the number of officers being four, we know that ‘4’ relates to death as the Chinese word for ‘four,’ when pronounced, sounds like the word for ‘death,’ and it has been used in numerous death rituals. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with the deaths being ‘Officers’ connected to the Sheriff’s office, as both ‘Officer’ and ‘Sheriff’ equals 44, a double 4. Of course, the president of the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs who was interviewed for the story is Richard ‘Pippin,’ another ’44.’ And as you probably know, ‘44’ is the sum of ‘kill.’

Officer = 44
Sheriff = 44
Pippin = 44
Kill = 44

The alleged ‘four’ suicides took place between Monday and Tuesday of November 6 and 7. Again, Sheriff Robert Luna assumed office on December 5, 2022, and the suicides started on Monday, November 6, 2023, exactly 48 weeks on the day after Luna took office. Also, they did not publish the story until November 12, a day with full 48-date numerology.
Again, the first officer interviewed about the ‘four’ suicides within Luna’s office in the article was ‘Delgado.’ And, just as with the ’33,’ the number 48 is also strongly connected with Freemasonry.

11/12/2023 = 1+1 + 1+2 + (20) + (23) = 48

Four = 48 (Four officers allegedly committed suicide)
Luna = 48 (The Sheriff’s last name is Luna)
Delgado = 48 (The first police officer interviewed in the fake article)
Freemason = 48
The Masons = 48

The alleged suicides started on November 6, a day with full 60– and 24-date numerology. Again, this fits the narrative of ‘four’ officers within the ‘police’ committing suicide within ’24 hours’ — and the article being written by an Emma ‘Tucker.’

11/6/2023 = (11) + (6) + 2+0+2+3 = 24 (24 hours)

Four = 24 (Four allegedly committed suicide within 24 hours)
Tucker = 24 (article written by Emma ‘Tucker’)
Luna = 24 (The Sheriff’s last name is Luna)

11/6/2023 = 11+6+20+23 = 60

Luna = 60
24 Hours = 60
Four = 60
Police = 60

If you remember, I decoded Sheriff Robert Luna in my coverage of the staged and fake Half Moon Bay and Des Moines shootings. Luna was sworn in 49 days before the Monterey Park shooting in LA County, California, on January 21, and he assumed office 49 days before the shooting in Half Moon Bay, California.
Also, January 23 when these shooting were reported came with a 49-date numerology. Can you guess what is so special about this story being released on November 12, 2023? Yes, it’s the day leaving 49 days remaining in the year.

This story was about ‘four suicides’ by the numbers as commented by Richard Pippin, the president of the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs. And again, as we get to ‘four suicides’ they utilize the ancient Chaldean cipher.

Four Suicides = 49
Death by Numbers = 49
Richard Pippin = 49
Skull and Bones = 49 (Largest Freemasonic Order in the U.S.)

However, it does not end there. On January 28, 2023, the police staged another fake shooting in the Beverly Crest Community of Los Angeles, California. That shooting took place 55 days after Robert Luna assumed office on December 5, 2022. And guess what is so special with November 6, when the alleged suicides started? Yes, November 6 was the day leaving 55 days remaining in the year.
And what does ‘suicides’ equal in the most important cipher? Yes, 55 of course.

Suicides = 55

Robert Luna is also the 34th Sheriff of Los Angeles County.

Suicide = 34
Murder = 34
4 Deaths = 34

And as for Los Angeles, it was founded on September 4, 1781. The alleged suicides started on November 6, exactly 63 days after the anniversary of Los Angeles’ birthday. Of course, Robert Luna equals 63 in the most important cipher.

Robert Luna = 63

The story however, was not released until November 12, exactly 69 days after the anniversary of Los Angeles’ birthday. Also, the Freemasons answer to the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church, aka., ‘The World Powers,’ slowly working towards their ‘New World Order.’

Sheriff Robert Luna = 69
The World Powers = 69
New World Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69

I could go on, but it should be more than obvious that all these staged and fake events were meticulously planned and executed by the numbers, and that they were all tied to Sheriff Robert Luna. It’s also obvious that Luna is a high-ranking Freemason, hence all the rituals involving him.
Also, there’s a new moon between November 12 and 13, when they published this story, as in Luna. All part of the ritual.

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