We’re About to Get Boosted

That headline sure caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, this will be a short little update as I’m a bit strained on time today. You might have noticed that the website has been a bit sluggish from time to time during the last couple of days, while it might have loaded quicker for others.

The thing is that I did an upgrade of my webhosting account where this website resides, or more specific, for this website as traffic has increase quite a lot over the last year. Before, it was simply running on a regular Unix server with Apache 2.4. As of a few days back, it’s running on a Nginx server configured and optimized for Redis, which simply is one of the best solutions for caching and delivering websites at lightning speeds, decreasing latency and load times for the end user (that is you.)

However, I’ve been testing the website through accessing it via VPN from different countries, as well as using performance-index websites and something is not playing nice with the current configuration. While load-times of content has decreased (but is still far from optimal,) the server response time has increased from a few hundred milliseconds to 1.5 seconds or more. In other words, it might take almost two seconds before the page even begin to load, depending on where you are located in the world – and that is very bad.
Hopefully this will be fixed within a few days as the hosting support crew will look at it again on Monday.

So, if you find the website a bit unresponsive or slow, now you know why. And as soon as this issue has been fixed, it should be really fast, almost loading articles instantly.

With that said, I’ll be back tomorrow as usual. And if you enjoy my writing and the contents of my website, please consider donating, join our community at Ungovernable.se, or hire me for my services to help keep it up and running without any kind of advertisements or similar clutter.

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