New Quick Start Guides Added

Yesterday, and this morning, I added two new ‘quick start guides.’ These are simply collections of my articles on different topics, making it easier to find key information and getting up to speed (much more so than wading through categories and article archives.) As of today, there are three different ‘quick start guides.’ Quick Start: The World Playbook as We Know ItTo get you started on what is currently going on in our world, […]

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Boosting in Progress

As most of you might have noticed, there has been a few changes to the website. Little over a week ago, I upgraded the web hosting service to run on a Nginx server configured and optimized for Redis instead of the usual Unix with Apache 2.4. This new configuration is one of the best solutions for caching and delivering websites at lightning speeds, decreasing latency and load times for the end user. While some

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We’re About to Get Boosted

That headline sure caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, this will be a short little update as I’m a bit strained on time today. You might have noticed that the website has been a bit sluggish from time to time during the last couple of days, while it might have loaded quicker for others. The thing is that I did an upgrade of my webhosting account where this website resides, or more specific, for

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Just Another Birthday – And Much Love to All of You!

48 years. Slowly closing in on the half-way point on this journey, at least that’s what I’m shooting for. Time in this simulation has surely accelerated. The last couple of years has flown by. With that said, nothing much has happened since my last ‘personal’ update that is actually worth writing about. My training at the gym has averaged about three times a week. I will probably step up to four days again or

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Looking Back at February – A Website News Update

February was a month of slowly escalating the Russian-Ukraine conflict while giving the masses a little break from the staged and fake pandemic by spoon-feeding them some satanic rituals in the form of Super Bowl 56 and the Olympic Games. And once that was over, they staged a fake war as the crescendo of their theatrics on the world stage – all accompanied with old archive footage, fake green screen nonsense and silly overacting

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Thank You for Reading!

Who would have thought that a website, or a “blog,” exposing lies would get more than 2,100 unique visitors a day? Especially in a time of ‘memes’ and short ‘Tik-Tok videos,’ and where ‘reading’ is considering hard and time consuming. Well, the success of this website confirms that more and more people are waking up, more and more people recognizes that something is very wrong with the world we live in, and that a

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