Just Another Birthday – And Much Love to All of You!

48 years. Slowly closing in on the half-way point on this journey, at least that’s what I’m shooting for. Time in this simulation has surely accelerated. The last couple of years has flown by.

With that said, nothing much has happened since my last ‘personal’ update that is actually worth writing about. My training at the gym has averaged about three times a week. I will probably step up to four days again or even five on occasion, as I always get more active when spring and summer approaches and you get more sun and more time outdoors.

The photo for the post is from about two weeks back. Kind of how I’ve looked physique-wise for the last two years. A little bit fatter, but that is easily fixed with a few days of fasting here and there over the course of a month.

My nutrition is also about the same, animal-based/carnivore, and I’ve been forcing myself to eat more than usual. Also, I feel my best at a very low body fat percentage. I’m almost at 12% now, and that is way too high for me. And by the way, being lean does not interfere with hormones or your well-being. That is a backwards idea some bodybuilders and bro-coaches have adopted after doing retarded diets void of real nutrition. Your bodyfat levels do not matter if you have nutrition deficiencies. It is the state of malnutrition that makes you feel bad – as in tired, weak, hungry and angry. If you do a ‘fat loss diet,’ make sure to consume nutritious foods several times a week such as liver, kidney, heart, bone marrow, fish roe, egg yolks, and raw milk – or suffer the consequences of malnutrition! Also, avoid any idiotic and toxic plant-based foods. Humans are obligate carnivores, not omnivores or f**king cows.

Let’s move on. My recovery has progressed nicely, as you might have noticed if you follow my work at my website bartoll.se. Two and a half years ago, I could muster enough focus and energy for an hour a day a few days a week. One year ago, about two to three hours spread out for four or five days a week. In the last months, I’ve been writing and studying for 4 to 5 hours or more a day, 7-days a week. Only this year, 97-days in, I’ve written and published 170 articles on this website, and I also spend a few hours at our online community, Ungovernable.se reading, writing and sharing.

As for my birthday, I’ve noticed several hundred of birthdays wishes on Facebook as I write this with barely half the day gone by. That is very encouraging, as it means that I have not scared all of them away with exposing uncomfortable lies and uncovering painful truths. Many of the wonderful people who have sent me wishes rarely like or comment on my posts, so I guess that simply means that they agree but are too afraid of showing their stance on Facebook among all their sheepish friends that are watching. And that is fine. However, one day you will realize that whatever some people think of you does not matter at all. Not one bit! The only thing that matter is helping people. To wake people up, and to expose the evil and corruption in our world. Helping people make better choices, especially to protect themselves and their children. All that is so much more important than your social status and standing. After all, the only people who will sneer at you are the sheep, those yet to wake up. And once they wake up, they will be appreciative even if they are too proud to admit or say it.

With that said, I would like to end this short message with a big thank you for all your support. For liking my posts on social media, for donating through bartoll.se and for signing up and being a part of our uncensored community at Ungovernable.se.

I love all of you! And now, let’s go and make another great year!

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