New Quick Start Guides Added

Yesterday, and this morning, I added two new ‘quick start guides.’ These are simply collections of my articles on different topics, making it easier to find key information and getting up to speed (much more so than wading through categories and article archives.)

As of today, there are three different ‘quick start guides.’

Quick Start: The World Playbook as We Know It
To get you started on what is currently going on in our world, and how our world works, the illusion we live in.

Quick Start: Germs, Viruses, Contagion, Disease and Other Lies
To get you started on how our body, all living things, and nature actually works.
You cannot catch a disease. You cannot treat or cure a disease with remedies. All disease comes from within.

Quick Start: Nutrition, Supplements, and Our Natural Species-Appropriate Diet
To get you started on the ultimate truth about human nutrition; how we humans as obvious obligate hyper carnivores are meant to eat to thrive and maximize our life span.

These guides are available from the top menu (web browser) and the expanding menu (mobile devices.)

Hopefully this will make it much easier to quickly dive in to different subjects and also to find further information if you just read an article of interest.
As this took me a few hours, I’ll be back tomorrow with a new article. Until then, and if you recently found this website, please take a moment and explore it a little. There are currently 1,293 published articles online.

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