The One-Thing for Pumped-Up Erections

As I’m a big sucker for health and like to poke at the industry I worked in for more than 25 years, we once again return to T-Nation and their Co-founder TC Luoma as he tackles the topic of erections. His article opens with a quick look at the extremely unhealthy market of erection drugs and the various side-effects, including a ‘bloody member.’ That preamble takes us to a list of more ‘natural’ and much safer ways to strengthen erections. Let’s see his list, and I’ll jump in and straighten things out when he falls victim for pseudo-science or begin to shill for useless supplements.

1. Pomegranate Juice (Kinda)

One study on pomegranate juice found that it improved erectile dysfunction in 42 men. Whether it does this by improving heart function (and anything that helps the heart and circulation is good for the penis) or some other mechanism isn’t completely known. To experiment, drink 6 ounces of 100% pomegranate juice daily. You’ll probably reap some of the benefits.

However, drinking pomegranate juice isn’t getting you close to tapping into its full pro-sexual potential. The problem? The plant chemical that does most of the heavy lifting for pomegranates is something called “punicalagins,” and the heaviest concentration is in the RIND or skin of the pomegranate, the part discarded by consumers and manufacturers of pomegranate juice.”

After that last sentence, he pushes one of their supplements which contain “punicalagins” and also a host of other damaging toxins. As TC mentioned, this chemical compound is found in the rind, the protective skin of the apple, which means that it’s a defense chemical against bugs.
Within the corrupt “science,” punicalagins are considered to be a phenolic compound, which by faulty logic are considered to have health-protective properties, just as with drugs and medicines. Phenols are actually more acidic than alcohols, and being part of the defense mechanisms of plants, they are very toxic, acting like a poison, which forces the body to focus on neutralizing them – hence stopping any kind of healing or detoxing process you are currently experiencing and in turn relieving you of its symptoms. People indoctrinated with faulty ‘western science’ will think that the phenols, the drug, or whatever they took helped them get better, when in reality it acutely poisoned them and stopped their healing process – as their body had no other choice than to put all resources into the most immediate problem. That also means that toxins will continue to accumulate and damage tissues until the body is ready to try and detox again – and most likely the same person will take the same thing again, getting trapped in a vicious cycle that will lead to severe illness such as organ damage, heart damage and cancer.

Now, if these chemical toxic compounds, such as punicalagins, happens to “strengthen erections” due to increased blood flow to rid the body of a poison that is causing damage, it’s hardly a good idea to use it. Increased blood flow and blood pressure from a compound is a clue that it is poisoning you and that it will damage just about anything.

2. Testosterone

Without adequate testosterone levels, or more importantly, a proper free testosterone/estrogen ratio, you likely won’t get an erection, at least not from sexual stimulation. In fact, sex will probably be the last thing on your mind. If you have trouble getting an erection simply because you have no sex drive, you might be low on testosterone. Get yourself tested for both free testosterone and estrogen using the sensitive assay.”

Correct. And the best way to naturally increase testosterone to your individual max-levels is by following our natural species-appropriate, species-specific carnivorous diet of animal foods. For your body to produce testosterone you need plenty of cholesterol and animal fats, as well as bioavailable minerals such as zinc and magnesium, all found in meat and eggs. Actually, the quickest way to aid your body in producing testosterone is to consume a lot of egg yolks daily.
Since I went raw carnivore in early 2018, I’ve never had less than four eggs daily. Most of the time I average 6 to 8 eggs a day along with a minimum of 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs.) of red meat a day.

3. Kegel Exercises

Yeah, women who’ve popped out a kiddo or two often do these so their bladders don’t cut loose at inappropriate times, but they’re also good for men to fight erectile dysfunction. Just flex your pelvic floor muscles rapidly 30 times in a row. It’s sorta the same contraction triggered when you’re trying to hold back urine flow. Repeat two or three times a day. No spotter necessary.”

Correct. That is a good practice, especially as you get older. I’ve always done that instinctively while peeing.

4. Popcorn

Popcorn comes into the picture because it’s a good source of the amino acid L-arginine (about half a gram for every 3 ounces of popcorn). Arginine is the biologic precursor of nitric oxide, which plays a prominent role in the birth and nurturing of erections. While it won’t replace erectile dysfunction drugs, popcorn conceivably helps optimize blood flow.

The f**k are you on about TC? Frikkin’ toxic genetically-modified popcorn from carb-ridden corn? Are you serious? That vile sh*t isn’t even suitable to feed chickens. And as for L-arginine, being an amino-acid, the most abundant sources are beef, any red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products – as in animal-based foods. Actually, white meat as in turkey has the highest concentration, but simply consuming meat on a daily basis will have your protein intake covered, and especially that of L-arginine.

5. Vitamin B-12

Deficiencies of this vitamin aren’t common, but if you’re a vegan, an old coot, or someone who takes the drug metformin, you’d best beef up on this vitamin or the result will be a tired, lackadaisical penis.”

Yes indeed, vegans are deficient in just about anything and they all have zero sexual drive unless on drugs such as testosterone. And to ‘beef up’ on this vitamin is actually a good metaphor, as you can only find bioavailable B-vitamins in animal-based foods such as meat and eggs.

6. Quinoa

Like popcorn, this grain has high levels of arginine, along with high levels of glutamic acid. These amino acids pump up nitric oxide levels.”

The actual f**k TC? Again? Quinoa is a frikkin’ flowering plant and thus as toxic as they come. It should not even be considered a “food.” You are not meant to eat flowers, grass, or any plant!
Again, all animal-products contain arginine and glutamine in perfect ratios. Do not poison yourself with toxic crap that are not even suitable for herbivores. Simply consume more meat and eggs.

7. L-Citrulline

This amino acid is a precursor of arginine, and, as mentioned, arginine increases nitric oxide production. For some reason, though, this amino acid works better than arginine. One study exploring its use reported a 70% increase in the number of times intercourse was performed.”

Actually, L-citrulline is made in the body in the amounts required, as long as you get adequate nutrition. You will only notice an effect from ‘supplementing’ L-citrulline if your diet is lacking in L-arginine and/or L-citrulline, as in not consuming enough animal-based foods. Which, sadly, most people do not due to conditioning and being dumbed-down.
The solution? Eat more meat and this will be covered as well.

8. Various Pro Nitric-Oxide Supplements

Here TC lists all the supplements they sell that might increase nitric oxide or keep nitric oxide from breaking down. These are however extremely toxic, such as the vile poison known as curcumin.

Again, if you get the nutrition you need, you do not need to worry about nitric oxide ever. And once again, increasing nitric oxide by consuming toxins is a very bad idea. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, as in a component involved in blood vessel dilation, hormone release, and signaling. If nitric oxide increases above normal levels after consuming something, it’s a very obvious sign that you have been poisoned and that the body is on high alert to clear it out of your system. Again, just because the effect might seem desirable does not mean that it actually is, especially not considering that your body is taking damage. And even worse, a lot of bodybuilders use these supplements before workouts to get more vascular and to get a better muscle pump, all while straining the heart from heavy exercise while being poisoned from a toxic supplement that does exactly the same (and many of them already have high blood pressure from other drugs…)

Now, if you take care of your body and feed it what it is supposed to be fed, there will never be any problems that need to be addressed; and thus, there will never be any need to look at toxic supplements for what most people believe to be a quick fix.

Things to Avoid

TC then address a few things to avoid, as in excessive bicycling, which can damage you groin area, and that of mouthwash. Well, mouthwash, or any kind of chemical shitstorm getting in contact with your mouth or your skin should always be avoided. That should go without saying. However, people are conditioned to an unhealthy modern lifestyle and totally out of touch with nature, so yes, it unfortunately needs to be mentioned. So, stay away from all kind of chemicals. Do not use mouthwash, do not use commercial toothpaste, do not use commercial deodorants or beauty products. All these, and many other man-made products contains chemicals that act as hormone disruptors, throwing your hormone balance totally out of whack (especially by lowering testosterone and increasing estrogen.)

To summarize, out of eight bullet-points, TC did get three correct. He is still trapped in fake science and probably a bit blind and biased as he is in the supplement industry, which is what pay his bills. I know, as I also were in that industry. I developed more than a dozen different supplements by myself and was consulted and involved in several hundreds. I was considered one of the top dogs in the fitness industry for more than a decade. However, as I learned the truth and finally began to understand how things actually works, I could no longer support that industry. None of it. I could easily have resumed my work after my health-scare in 2018, kept animal-based eating and dry fasting to myself and made millions. But my conscience could not allow that. When you know it’s all a scam based on faulty science, there is no going back. Hurting and lying to people only to line your own pockets is simply unthinkable. Sure, it would have been a lot easier and a lot more profitable than simply coaching and consulting the few that have woken up and are ready to reclaim their lives.
However, as you have faced death, and as you grow older and wiser, you realize what is actually important in life, and that is to help people, to make a difference, to actually do some good.

And as for this article and the subject of erections, when looking at the big picture, it all comes down to simply taking care of yourself. And that means to live according to your physiology, how nature intended us to live; to follow our species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating, as in consuming only animal-based foods. That is the one most important thing. Then, as a bonus, apply some common sense, as in avoiding obvious sources of chemicals and pollutants. If you do that, there will most likely never be any physical problems, and especially not that of less-than-optimal erections.

Now, go get your meat (no pun.) And if you’re in need of coaching or need consulting advice on any topic, please feel free to contact me.

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