Kim Kardashian Named ‘Man of the Year’ and Pesticides in Plant-Food Reduce Sperm-Count Worldwide

The story about pesticides kind of flew under the radar as it was appropriately released on the same day as male-to-female plastic-experiment Kim Kardashian ritualistically was announced ‘Man of the Year’ by Satanic “men’s magazine” GQ where ‘it’ will be on the cover of the November 28 issue, as in 11/28, or 1128, the 47th triangular number, as in ‘Beast,’ which sums to 47 in simple gematria.
And for sure, Kim Kardashian is a beast, as in a mirror image of their Baphomet, their androgynous version of Satan dating back to the Knights Templars.
Also, and not by coincidence, GQ named Kim ‘Tycoon of the Year,’ a phrase that equals ’66,’ same as the phrase ‘Number of the Beast.’ So, announcing that creature, that vile beast perceived as a ‘woman’ by the sleeping masses, as ‘Man of the Year,’ is quite the mocking.

Now, as that satanic ritual trended yesterday’s news, mocking men and masculinity (which also equals 47 in gematria,) another story was left behind in the wake, that of a world-wide decline in sperm count. In other words, men becoming more female which has been a part of the conditioning and propaganda on the world stage for the last 20+ years or so (but has been going on behind the scenes for much longer.)
Of course, one aspect is the programming, always portraying masculinity as evil while glorifying feminine men and showcasing strong ‘men-like’ women (hence all the female heroes in recent action movies and Netflix garbage.) Yes, again the inversion, that of which is used within Satanism, that of the Baphomet.

Another aspect, which has been going on for a very long time in the shadows, is that of the modern-day plant-based slave-sludge being presented to the masses as ‘food’ combined with all the chemicals found in said slave-food and in plastics, deodorants, soap, detergents, beauty products, supplements, fortified food, drugs and medicines, and so on.

And that takes us to this story about pesticides, one of many reasons why you should never consume anything plant-based, as in grains, seeds, vegetables, or fruits. Not only are these for the most part man-made and altered plants more or less undigestible by humans and thus void of any nutritional value, they are also ridden with toxic and poisonous natural defense chemicals and, of course, due to the extreme growing conditions, covered in highly toxic pesticides.

As for the story, they say that, “over the course of 50 years, sperm concentration has fallen about 50% around the world.” Actually, it’s probably worse than that, and not only sperm count, but average height, muscle mass, strength, and cognitive abilities has declined as well – all while ‘modern diseases’ and ‘conditions’ have sky-rocketed. And this is unfortunately true for both sexes, for all people of the last couple of generations.

Then they proceed to quote the senior study author Melissa Perry on the guilty parties behind this declining trend where she said, “What is not known is the culprit. While there are likely many more contributing causes, our study demonstrates a strong association between two common insecticides — organophosphates and N-methyl carbamates — and the decline of sperm concentration.”

In all seriousness, we know perfectly well what the culprit is. It is the ‘modern lifestyle’ of nutritional deprived and toxic foods combined with poisonous chemicals present in pretty much everything we come in contact with a lifestyle slowly pushed on to us during the last 100 years via mind-control and programming by the elites. Pesticides is only one of many culprits.
These chemicals used in pesticides that are present on all plant-based foods, such as organophosphates, are also used to create plastics and solvents. Plastics are everywhere and a lot of beverages and “food items” come packaged in plastics while solvents are used to make pretty much every plant-based ingredient used to make man-made food products.

Also, keep in mind that these pesticides are based on the defense chemicals that already are naturally present in all plants. Plants do not want to be eaten, and especially their seeds, their ability to reproduce, are highly protected and extremely toxic. These natural defense chemicals deter insects and bugs by damaging their nervous system, their brain and reproductive ability.
Covering them with pesticides is simply a way to enhance the plants natural defense and ensure maximum yield from every acre.

So, while the story was based on some truths, the big culprits, as in the big lies of the food industry will never be uncovered. These stories are simply chickenfeed, to give some crumbs of truth soon to be forgotten by the slumbering masses who don’t really care anyways.

The article does mention other “areas of interest” such as obesity, poor diet, chronic disease, and exposure to environmental toxins, including radiation from mobile phones. However, the largest factor, that of a “poor diet” is where the satanic inversion once again roars its ugly head, as the satanic deception of “healthy food” is said to be just that of the extremely nutritional deprived and toxic plant-foods, as in vegetables, fruits, and grains. See how that works?

Those who start to wake up and realize that they need to eat ‘healthier’ are immediately deceived into consuming the exact same deprived and toxic slave-sludge but from different sources. As in switching to “organic” labelled slave-foods. And worse, they are often deceived into reducing animal-based foods such as meat, the only source of actual bioavailable nutrition for humans.

As I’ve explained countless of times, humans are obligate hyper carnivores. We are made to consume animals and pretty much nothing else. The only way to achieve maximum health is by following our species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating. It is not more complicated than that. Unfortunately, the masses have been deceived and programmed to do the exact opposite, and again, that is one of the main reasons for the decline in everything related to health, including sperm-count.

And even if the media sometimes uncover small bits of truth to balance their karma, the stories are still twisted with propaganda and always scripted and published by the numbers. As for this story on ‘pesticides’ and ‘sperm count,’ the study and the story were released on November 15, the day leaving 46 days remaining in the year.

Pesticides = 46
Pollution = 46
Health Issue = 46
Sperm Count = 46
Fertility = 46

November 15 was also a day with full 69-date numerology, and the story was about a declining sperm count as part of the elite’s sterilization agenda, their New World Order.

11/15/2023 = 11 + 15 + 20 + 23 = 69

Sterilization = 69
Catholic Church = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69
New World Order = 69

Of course, the term ‘sperm count’ is a close match with ‘Jesuit Order,’ the order that was recognized on September 27, 1540 and infiltrated the whole world.
November 15 also came with a short 49-date numerology and it also came exactly 49 days after the September 27 anniversary of the Jesuit Order. The story was about men and the declining fertility in men.

Sperm Count = 144, 54, 156, 864
Jesuit Order = 144, 54, 156, 864

11/15/23 = 11 + 15 + 23 = 49

Men = 49
Fertility in Men = 49

Again, all published by the numbers.

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