Coy Gibbs, of NASCAR’s Joe Gibbs Racing, Dead at 49 by The Numbers

Not a single day now without some kind of celebrity dying according to the mainstream media outlets. Only one day after the alleged death of Aaron Carter, who died at 34-years old, Coy Gibbs allegedly died in his sleep at 49-years old. Who the heck dies in their sleep at 49? Well, Aaron died at 34, and by coincidence of course, at a span of the Freemasonic 33-days before his birthday when counting the end date.

Now, Coy Gibbs birthday comes two days later, on December 9, making his death the same Freemasonic 33-days before his birthday. And if you count the end date, it’s 34-days, the age of Aaron Carter. Also, Freemasons and Satanists inverse everything, so 34 is 43 backwards. Both ‘Coy’ and ‘NASCAR’ reverse to 43.

And speaking of NASCAR, which he was famous for, if counting the end date, he died with 56-days remaining in the year. And NASCAR, by coincidence of course, sums to 56.

Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Freemasons = 56

We know that ‘sacrifice’ is very common in showbiz for fame and glory. This is why almost every contestant that make it far or win a show on tell-a-lie-vision has a sob-story about loved ones dying. If you’ve seen the shit-show Survivor, you should know this by heart.

Now, ‘Joe Gibbs Racing’ is eerily matched with this practice. Remember, Joe Gibbs allegedly lost his son J.D. Gibbs in 2019, and now his other son Coy. Both dead at 49, of course, and we’ll get to that.

Joe Gibbs Racing = 121, 67, 257, 86, 726, 1542, 76, 86, 611, 747
Blood Sacrifice = 121, 67, 257, 86, 726, 1542, 76, 86, 611, 747

Joe Gibbs Racing = 67, 86, 76
Human Sacrifice = 67, 86, 76

Remember, when counting the end-date, he died 34-days before his upcoming December 9 birthday.

Racing = 34, 34
Murder = 34, 34
Beast = 34, 34

Also note that the article says that “Coy Gibbs went to be with the Lord in his sleep.” This statement, using the name of the Lord, as in God, gives the reader the false sentiment of the Gibbs being righteous Christians. This is of course a trick as this is a satanic ritual and the story is coded with the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order. Also, the choice of using ‘Lord’ and mentioning it in the story is not by accident.

The Lord = 82, 37, 492, 44
Coy Gibbs = 82, 37, 492, 44

Now, Coy’s brother Jason Dean “J.D.” died on January 11, 2019. Of course, the ‘11’ as in two pillars or towers, same as Coy who died in November, the 11th month. However, this is also not by accident. It was scripted from the start. From J.D.’s death on January 11, 2019 and to Coy’s death on November 6, 2022, is a span of 3 years and 300 days on the day! That’s another Freemasonic ‘33’ as you can drop the zeroes in numerology, as they hold no value. Such a coincidence, right?

And speaking of the Freemasonic 33, their last name also fits the bill.

Gibbs = 33, 33

The Gibbs brothers (33) died 3 years and 3(00) days apart… Such mockery.

But it gets better. Remember that Coy died 34 days before his birthday, as in ‘Beast,’ hinting at a Satanic Beast ritual? Well, counting the days from Coy’s death-date and until the anniversary of his brother’s J.D.’s death-date is exactly 66-days. 66 as in ‘Number of the Beast’ and as in the phrase ‘dead at 49,’ just like his brother J.D. died at 49… And, of course, their last name of ‘Gibbs’ fits as well.

Number of the Beast = 66
Dead at 49 = 66 (both brothers dead at 49)
Gibbs = 66

Of course, you can also say that it is a span of 67-days when counting the end-date, to come full circle, as we decoded 67 earlier. Cleverly coded indeed!

Joe Gibbs Racing = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67
Death by Numbers = 67

And, the father, Joe Gibbs, was born on November 25, 1940. Counting from his last 81st birthday, the death of his son Coy comes at a span of 347 days later. 347 is the 69th prime number.

The Jesuit Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
Jesuit = 69
Illuminati = 69
Murder by Numbers = 69

And he is currently 81-years old.

Ritual = 81, 81
Masons = 81, 81
The Illuminati = 81
Catholic Church = 81
Murder by Numbers = 81

And, if we count the days between Joe Gibbs birthday on November 25 and to the death-date of his other son J.D., we get 47 days, like the 47-degrees on the Freemasonic Compass. One of their more important numbers, just like 33.

Again, a highly scripted death ritual, all done by the numbers. Are the brothers really dead, or where they retired? Who knows? I prefer to believe the latter.

For a deeper decode into the Satanic Beast-side of this ritual, check Joseph Acquaviva’s video below:

And Tikkuri’s decode with A LOT of Freemasonic 33 connections:

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