A Few Words on Bloating and Digestion Problems — Updated

If you search the internet, you’ll be fed a bunch of nonsense regarding bloating and some alleged “quick fixes” to relieve it. Well, as with all remedies or drugs, it’s only a temporary relief at best, as you shut down your body’s attempt to heal and repair whatever damage you have done. When there is a problem and you experience symptoms from something you have done and your body is now trying to fix, you should never add something. To fix something for good, you need to get to the root of the problem, you need to remove/avoid something or do something differently to what you previously have done. You do not take something to shut down the healing process and get rid of the symptoms only to repeat the same mistake again, over and over. That would be the definition of stupidity.

Bloating is simply gas and digestion distress caused by foods that are not compatible to human physiology, especially when combined with other certain foods that require longer digestion. Also, the more frequent you eat, the more problems you will have. If you eat more than three meals a day, and have snacks upon that, your digestive system will hardly get any chance to rest. You’ll keep your insides filled up and you’ll be digesting food around the clock, and some of that food will not even be digested, but simply pushed right through, causing more distress.

As for producing gas, that is a result of fermentation by microbes, which can only happen with carbohydrates/sugars and fiber, as in plant-based foods, something that is not compliant with human physiology.
Some people might tell you to take prebiotics to aid digestion, which is stupid, as the food causing problems will still do damage. As I said, do not add to the problem, instead subtract. You should not need to take some supplement to be able to better tolerate a “food.”

Now, you need to realize that any kind of plant-based food will be pushed through your digestive system at a higher speed because there’s very little nutrition to be extracted and the fiber is very damaging to our digestive wall – and your body does not want to absorb all the defence chemicals and antinutrients. In other words, your body want to get rid of it as soon as possible because plant-based food is not meant to be consumed, it’s not compatible with our digestive system. Cooked plant-based food might have an absorption rate of 50 to 70%, while raw plan-based foods will have about half of that, depending on fiber and antinutrient content.

On the other side of the spectrum are animal-based foods, as in meat, organ meats, animal fats, eggs and so on. These are highly bioavailable and nutritious, and as much as 95% of it can be absorbed. In other words, these species-appropriate foods will travel very slowly through your digestive system in order to be fully absorbed.

So, what do you think will happen when you combine animal-based foods, which the body wish to contain for as long as possible to extract all bioavailable nutrients, with plant-foods that it wants to expel as quick as possible? Yes, you will have discomfort. While breakdown and pre-digestion in the stomach happens at different speeds, once food enters the intestines, it has to move as one unit. When you’re young and your digestive system is still healthy and undamaged, you might not notice anything, although whatever you consumed will be pushed too quickly and you will miss out on some nutrients from the animal products. However, as time goes by and damage is done by all the fiber, toxins, defense chemicals, and carbohydrates in the plant foods, you will begin to experience discomfort and more serious problems.

Among the offenders related to bloating, the worst are usually fruits, as these are mostly water, fructose (sugar,) some minerals, and a little bit of fiber. Fruits goes very quickly through our digestive system, so if they are combined with any other food, especially with animal foods, you will most likely have problems unless your digestion system is in perfect condition. So, if you ever want to consume fruits for hydration or whatever weird reason, you should consume them separately, and at least 4 to 6 hours away from any other meal.

Other offenders related to bloating are especially legumes, as in beans, followed by grains, as in bread, pasta, cereal, and pastry, followed by refined sugars and any other form of added sugar such as maltodextrin and high fructose corn syrup.
Some will tell you that bloating is from “food allergies” or “intolerances.” Well, whatever you call it, it’s still a clear sign that you’re consuming something that is not meant to be consumed. So, just stop it!
Now, these “foods” listed above are crap no human should be eating anyway, so if you do, you need to get your act together and start thinking about your health, your quality of life, and lifespan.

Also, and this is historically important. Disease did not occur until humans were forced into growing and consuming crops. Also, every single fruit and vegetable you see in a grocery store today did not exist 200 years ago. None of them are found in nature. All of them have been genetically modified, and most of them are human-made, invented by crossing several species of plants to get something that are resilient, grows fast, and taste sweeter, and thus not as repulsive to consume.
Any “edible” plant still found in nature is very bitter, which indicates that you should not consume it. Only some wild fruits and berries still taste ok, and they are emergency foods. Nothing more.
So, indeed, modern plant-based foods are not only unnatural for humans as carnivores, they are not even found in nature.

Among animal-based foods, only dairy, as in milk products, can cause some bloating and discomfort, and that is from the milk sugars. However, this usually only happens if your digestive system is still compromised and/or if you consume pasteurized and homogenized products. Most people, even those with damaged digestive systems, do fine on raw milk and natural raw fermented milk products.

So, in all simplicity, bloating or any kind of digestion problem and discomfort is simply a symptom from consuming incompatible foods, as in foods that are toxic and/or ferments. As you should know by now, humans are carnivores, and consuming any kind of plant-based food will cause problems over time. Remove those plant-based foods, and you’ll be golden.

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