Article Review: Eggs, a Real Superfood

The Muscle and Fitness websites are not exactly known for their quality content, pretty much the opposite in fact. So, it came as a big surprise that they actually published a decent article on eggs where the author, SJ McShane, got most things right.

In all honesty, it should be simple and logical. An egg contains everything needed to create a life, a chicken. In other words, it contains all the nutrition needed to produce and sustain life. And without to much stretch of the imagination, such a nutritious thing should be very good and healthy to consume. It’s the same simple logic with anything from an animal. All nutrition needed to sustain life is stored in the cells (as in meat and fat) and the organs.

Still, there are morons and evil people out there with agendas that try to vilify anything that is natural and optimal for you, hence the hate on eggs and especially the vital and essential cholesterol.

Keep in mind that if people actually consumed our species appropriate, species-specific diet of the flesh and fat of animals, not one single person would have any nutrition deficiency. And the entire food industry of toxic plant-based and carbohydrate filled slave garbage relies on people being hungry and having cravings, believing they need to eat several meals a day and snack in between. Again, hunger and cravings are symptoms of being nutrient deficient. If your diet is species-appropriate, you will never get hungry and you will rarely have any kind of cravings or even thoughts about food. Not to mention that almost every common modern disease and ailment is the result of elevated blood sugar and insulin levels from consuming too much carbohydrates or eating too frequently. However, that’s another article and something I cover in length with my nutrition programs and clients.

Cholesterol 101

So, let’s get back to the subject of cholesterol, as an average sized egg contains about 212 mg of sweet cholesterol, which is a lot compared to most other foodstuffs. Now, as the author of this article explains, your liver produces cholesterol every day. The amount of cholesterol produced depends on how much you eat, making dietary sources of cholesterol to have minimal effects on body cholesterol. So, if you get a lot of cholesterol from food, your liver will produce less. If you don’t eat foods with cholesterol, your liver produces more of it. On top of that, studies show that eating dietary cholesterol has no link to heart attacks or strokes.

While this is true, your body can only produce so much, and it can quickly run out of building blocks if your diet is lacking, as seen in vegetarians and especially vegans or fruitarians who literally destroys their hormone production and bodies with their extremely retarded and dangerous diet. I’ve helped more than 60 ex-vegans to recover, and their stories are horrific and extremely sad. Some are scarred for life with the damage they have done.
However, if you do get some meat and animal produce on a weekly basis, your body should be able to keep up and produce enough cholesterol to keep you somewhat healthy.

Now, the author does misstep a bit when she says, “While too much of one thing can be bad, staying away from eggs completely due to fear of your cholesterol rising, especially when you practice clean eating, will have you missing out on some of the best nutrients on the planet.” Then she goes on and quote Jacob Klessens with the following, “He explains that “If you are someone who is watching their cholesterol, you will want to limit your cholesterol intake, which can be done through eating fewer eggs or eliminating other animal products that are high in saturated fats.”
Although they are correct that cholesterol is totally harmless and actually essential, this statement is completely wrong.

While the research in this field is slowly correcting itself, the important thing to understand about cholesterol levels is that our body regulates it perfectly depending on our situation. Cholesterol is needed by all our cells, as our cells are made out of cholesterol. It’s also needed for hormone production. So, if your cholesterol levels are ‘high’ according to some sort of average measurement, it is because it is needed. Most likely because you have done damage to your arteries and blood vessels and your body is trying to repair the damage, hence the extra cholesterol. Trying to lower cholesterol is the most idiotic thing you can do, as that removes your body’s ability to heal itself, not to mention that you will starve your cells, short-circuit your hormone production, and starve your brain. Your cognitive abilities, and especially your memory is very dependent on cholesterol, and low cholesterol will cause memory problems and eventually lead to Alzheimer’s. So, any “doctors” putting people on statins or any kind of cholesterol lowering drug are literally killing their patient’s life quality and setting them up for Alzheimer’s and an early death. These charlatans should be behind bars for life.

With that being said, the author is correct about eggs containing the best nutrients, just like organ meats.

The nutrition within the egg

SJ McShane mentions the very high protein quality, only surpassed by whey protein. She covers the high concentrations of vitamins such as the very important B1, B6, and B12 (often depleted in people who consume useless carbohydrates.) She covers selenium for thyroid support, and explains why the yolk is so extremely nutritious.

How many eggs can you consume?

She also touches on the number of eggs “safe” to consume, and while she recommends two whole eggs a day, I would say that there’s no limit. I know people who have been consuming more than 20 eggs a day for more than 30 years. I personally consume 6 to 10 eggs a day year-round, and 20 to 30 a day when training really intense (weight lifting) for hormonal support and the protein.

What you need to understand is, that if the food is natural, as in a part of an animal or produced by an animal, the nutrients within that food is identical to the nutrients found and stored in our bodies, and thus, our bodies takes what it needs, store what it can, and discard the rest.
You cannot get “poisoned” from natural sources of nutrition. You can only get poisoned by man-made foods that have been altered from their natural state, as in all processed foods and especially man-made “vitamins” or “minerals” that are used to “fortify” slave-foods or used as supplements. These are dangerous! Natural occurring nutrients found in animal-based foods are not. You can consume as much as you like. Your body will decide what it needs, what it can store for later, or what it will discard through your feces. Simple and logical.

What eggs to buy and egg storage

Finally, she goes through some “egg hacks” to tell if an egg has gone bad. However, that should not really be a concern unless it smells really foul. Old eggs are just as good to consume. Nothing to worry about. Then she actually recommends to purchase eggs from a local farmer or meat market, and that you should go for pastured raised or certified organic. Very good! Conventional supermarket eggs come from birds that are fed feed crap that contains GMO soy, corn, and pesticides. These birds’ living conditions are also unknown. In other words, these eggs should be avoided or only consumed at a last resort.

Also, she mentions that once eggs have been washed, they need to be refrigerated as the protective coating on the shell has been compromised. Unwashed eggs can be stored in room temperature on the counter.

So, all in all a good article, even if she missed the function of cholesterol in our bodies and how it is regulated. This is often one of the missing parts of the puzzle, but researchers are slowly catching up.

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