A Quick Look at the Fitness & Bodybuilding Pseudo/Bro-Science, Week 51

If you’re new to me and my website, I worked daily in the Fitness-, Bodybuilding-, Gym-, and Competitive Sports industry for almost 22-years with nutrition, supplementation, and training — and was involved in it for a total of more than 26 years. Most of that time, I too was trapped in the pseudo-science of “nutrition science” and was fooled by the synthetic toxic crap of the pharmaceutical and supplement industry. My outlook and understanding took a sharp turn as I became severely ill in late 2017 with several tumors, liver and kidney damage and my thyroid shutting down. In a last effort I turned it around in a matter of a few weeks by adopting our natural species appropriate diet of the raw flesh and fat of animals and by following up with regular water-fasting combined with days of dry fasting. You can read more about that here:

My Journey – Why I do what I do…

To end this week and the holidays, we return to mainstream Muscle & Fitness and an article on “Winter Bodybuilding” and ‘five must-know tips’ on nutrition. The article is written by Eric Falstrault, a Montreal-based strength coach, Naturopath, Sport Therapist, and founder of BODHI Fit. As he’s done some internship with late coach Charles Poliquin, he should not be totally clueless, so let’s see how he did.

Eric starts off with saying that he believes most people would benefit from letting go of the ‘hard diet’ and just taking it easy for a couple of weeks. Well, that sounds nice and is exactly what a lot of aspiring ‘bodybuilders’ would like to hear. However, it does not address the big elephant in the room, the idiotic idea that was slowly introduced by Joe Weider and his bodybuilding magazines in the ’heyday’ of bodybuilding during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; the idea that everything about building and sculping your body must be extremely difficult and disciplined – that you had to follow some weird restricted diet while lifting weights for hours and doing some aerobic exercise on top of that almost daily. This idea was built upon, as a layer, on our modern society’s twisted relationship with food. Most of humanity have lost touch with our natural species appropriate, species-specific diet (we are obligate carnivores) through social engineering and propaganda from the food industry. Most people do not understand nutrients, only energy. And they believe they can eat whatever they want as long as they do not eat too much (as in gaining body fat) and they will be healthy. Well, the typical bodybuilding and fitness diets are built upon the same idiotic idea. The only difference is that they eliminate some obvious harmful Frankenstein foods, but still cling to what they think is healthy, as in plant foods such as grain, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. And this is the problem never being addressed. Plant foods are totally void of bioavailable nutrition and they are instead full of toxins, defence chemicals, and antinutrients that actually rob you of nutrients. And what makes a diet “hard” to follow? Yes, hunger and cravings. Two signals from your body that you are malnourished, that you have nutrition deficiencies because your diet is total shit!

Although most bodybuilders consume meat and sometimes eggs almost daily, it’s usually heavily cooked or they chose lean cuts that are lower in nutrition, as most valuable vitamins are found in the fat. Heck, I still see coaches recommending chicken breasts or white fish such as cod or tuna! The foodstuffs from the animal kingdom with the least amount of nutrition, almost void of the extremely important animal fats and vitamins. And, to go with this meager foundation they have tons of carbohydrates from rice and then some veggies, not only poisoning their body, but also introducing a ton of antinutrients that binds to the little nutrition that are available in the poor choices of animal products. So, if they instead were to focus on fatty red meat, some organ meats every week, and some raw egg yolks, they would never have to experience a “hard diet,” not even if they screw up and have some carbohydrates or even veggies.

Anyhow, Eric then proceeds with his five tips.

1. Restore Your Immune System

Well, first and foremost, we do not have an “immune system.” That is an old fallacy introduced by the faulty germ theory. If you have yet to grasp this simple fact, please read this article:

No, we do not have an “Immune System”! Let us stop using that terminology!

Then he goes on about the microbiota in the gut and probiotics. Well, the microbiota always changes depending on what you eat. And unless you consume a lot of fiber and sugars, that are unnatural and feeds the wrong bacteria, there is nothing to worry about. If you’re more or less animal-based, your microbiota will be perfect.

I covered that here:

Microbiome and Gut Bacteria Made Simple

2. Eat Different Foods

Here he says that most people follow the same diet over and over again and he recommends that you change things. And then he says that food intolerances can occur from repeatedly eating the same things.

As for food intolerance, that can happen if you consume foods that are not species appropriate and thus harmful, as most plant foods contain defence chemicals that hurt and kill your cells and contains carbohydrates and fiber feed an unhealthy microbiota.
But most of the time, food allergies are due to biological conflicts from mental traumas, as described in German New Medicine.

Then he actually mentions sunlight and the lack of exposure, and instead of recommending useless supplements for ‘vitamin-D’ or extremely toxic “vitamin-D-enriched” foods, he actually recommends fatty fish, beef liver and eggs! Spot on! And, yes, you should never consume ‘enriched’ foods, as those chemical made-up versions of vitamins or minerals they have added are extremely toxic and does virtually nothing.

3. Help Build Lean Muscle Mass

Here he recommends to increase your protein intake by eating more meat. He suggests that you try different kinds and especially wild game like venison, boar, and bison. Although he focuses on protein, and does not mention vitamins and minerals, it is good advice. Still, it is important that you get a lot of animal fats and wild game such as venison (deer,) elk, and bison is very lean. If you focus on wild game, you need to have some tallow and/or high-quality butter or plenty of bone marrow to go with that.

4. Keep Your Metabolism Active

Here he tells us to keep “low glycemic” carbohydrates as usual, whatever the hell that is? The glycemic index has been debunked almost as many times as the fraudulent germ theory. Read more here:

The Glycemic Index is absolute rubbish

Then he continues with saying that you should increase carbohydrates at night with “high glycemic carbs” such as sweet potatoes, rice or carrots. His rationale is that your body for some reason handles “carbs” better at night and that it will boost recovery after workouts.

No, no, fuck no. Carbohydrates are toxic. That is why your body have to stop everything and prioritize blood glucose management after you’ve consumed them, hence the fallacy that carbohydrates are our “primary” fuel, when the truth is that it has to be managed or you would die!

Read more here:

Carbohydrates are NOT our body’s preferred fuel

Also, another big problem with carbohydrates is deuterium, as in ‘heavy water,’ something that really damages your mitochondria. Read more here:

Know Your Poison: Deuterium

So, no. Consuming carbohydrates at night, putting your body into emergency mode is idiotic and it will totally destroy sleep quality. Never eat later than 3 to 4 hours before bedtime and make sure that meal is high in animal fats and cholesterol to support hormone production during sleep. That’s it.

5. Promote Healthy Brain Function

Again, he mentions the lack of sunshine and the importance of fats, which is correct. However, he says that all sources of fats are important. Well, there is only one source of fat, and that is animal fat. What you call ‘fat’ from plants are not ‘fats,’ they are oils. A very important distinction that you should know if you actually studied nutrition. Also, there is no evidence in any literature or research that humans need any of these oils, as in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated ‘fats.’ Actually, these plant-based oils are extremely toxic and one of the main reasons for metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

To be fair though, Eric does mention the importance of saturated fats, as in animal fats, and how crucial they are for hormone production, which is correct.

Read more about vegetable oils here:

Vegetable Oils – most toxic food additive?

To summarize, he did better than many previous writers I’ve covered. He does understand the importance of animal foods, yet he’s trapped in some of the pseudo-science of “modern nutrition” and the idea that carbohydrates are a good source of fuel, which it is not as it’s toxic. He also seems to believe that you need some plants for nutrition, which is also false. As for his knowledge and understanding, he seems to be where I was as a coach about 10 years ago. I focused on animal foods and animal fats but still believed that some vegetables could be useful. Although, I did limit the amounts of vegetables for my clients to a specific list and no more than two small servings a day.

I’ll give him a C-.

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