Oats — One of the Most Toxic Slave Foods in History

The shill and disinformation agent Dr. Axe posted an article yesterday on his website written by some NPC named ‘Ethan Boldt,’ where they call oats a “superfood,” which is as far away from the truth as you can get. Still, a lot of brainwashed and dumbed down people actually believe this – the same people who consume bread, another atrocious slave food.

As the article is quite lengthy and it gets every little fact wrong, there will be too much to comment on for my one hour limit each morning, thus, I will only go through their so called “8 benefits” and explain what is really going on.

What Are Oats?

Oats — which come from the plant with the scientific name Avena sativa — are a type of common whole-grain cereal grain grown for the seeds.”

Indeed, Avena sativa is a man-made domesticated grain not found in nature in its present form, same as any crop, vegetable, and most fruits being produced today. All of them totally unnatural and fake, nowhere to be found growing in nature. And the seeds are always the most toxic part of a plant, as that is how the plant reproduce. Thus, the seeds are protected with the highest concentrations of anti-nutrients and defence chemicals found within the plant.
While domestication has reduced some of the toxins, which instead increased the need for pesticides (which is even worse,) it also lost a little of the original nutrition it had. Thus, it’s a totally worthless source of food – as all plant foods are.


Now we come to their full-blown retarded list of “8 benefits,” all pulled out of their asses. Actually, anything you pull out of the ass will be more nutritious, and definitely less toxic, than oats.

1. Offers Excellent Nutrition

“Oats are loaded with nutrition such as fiber, minerals, certain vitamins yet very low in sugar and relatively low in fat and calories. Oat grains are a good source of fiber, trace minerals and even plant-based protein.”

Fiber is extremely damaging to our gut lining and one of the most common reasons for problems with the colon, especially ‘colon cancer.’ I’ve written about the extreme dangers of fiber many times.
As for vitamins, if they even exist, the identified compounds are not bioavailable and not in the form found in living beings, such as animals or humans. If the body can recognize some of the chemical compounds and use them, the body has to convert them through costly enzymatic processes, yielding only a few percent of usable “nutrition” – which is nothing as the nutrient content of any plant is abysmal to begin with. Compare that with meat and organ meats which has all nutrients needed stored in it, in the exact same way as we store nutrients in our tissues. That is 100% bioavailable nutrition and in the corrects ratios, no need for the body to convert or try to put together something from many different incomplete sources as with plant-based garbage.

As for minerals, they are mostly bound to the fiber and the antinutrients, rendering them useless as we humans as obligate hyper carnivores and have intestines that are made for absorbing animal-based foods and our intestines and colon is not designed for plant-fermentation as in some herbivores.

And being low in fat does not matter as it’s a plant, and all plant-based fats, more correctly called ‘oils,’ are extremely toxic to humans. We should only consume animal fats, and plenty of it on a daily basis to keep healthy and sane.

And as for protein, it’s also bound to the fiber, so you will only extract very little of it, less than 50% of what it says on the label. Also, that protein is of the worst quality imaginable, as the amino acid profile is not meant for carnivores, with key amino acids being way too low in concentration while others are missing.
So, if you’re lucky, you might get 25% of that protein.

In other words, everything they claimed is totally wrong, totally backwards as always.

2. Helps Lower Cholesterol

“Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, particularly beta-glucans, which can help naturally lower cholesterol when eaten several times or more per week.”

You frikkin’ dimwits. Anything that lowers cholesterol is extremely damaging! It’s the complete opposite of what you want! Your body will always regulate cholesterol as needed. Your body is never wrong, it never does anything to hurt you, it only adjusts to your mistreatment of it and try to keep you alive for as long as possible.

Now, as I’ve explained many times, every cell in our body is made of cholesterol. When we hurt our bodies with a bad diet, especially high in carbohydrates and vegetable/seed oils, our blood vessels and surrounding tissue take a lot of damage. To repair this, our body upregulates its production of cholesterol if it has the resources to do so. Thus, high levels of cholesterol means that your body is trying to repair damage to keep you alive. If you lower cholesterol by taking poisonous drugs or toxic food items, well, you can probably figure out what will eventually happen. Yes, extreme cardiovascular damage and likely a stroke or a heart attack. Also, cholesterol is extremely important for hormones and your brain health. Lowering cholesterol will always result in mental problems, reduced mental energy, clarity, and a decline in your ability to remember things.

3. Helps Promote Normal Blood Sugar

Steel-cut or rolled oats (the kind that are unsweetened and unflavored) have a low score on the glycemic index, especially compared to enriched or refined carbohydrates. This means they can prevent spikes and dips in blood sugar and energy, as demonstrated in both human and animal studies.”

Since oats and any other food high in fiber is extremely hard and difficult to digest, and since the carbohydrates, just as the protein, are bound to the fiber, the carbohydrates will enter the bloodstream in a slow and prolonged way.

While this will not “spike” blood sugar levels and thus does not require an immediate onslaught of insulin, it instead means that blood sugar levels will be slightly elevated for a very long time, for as long as it takes to digest that toxic crap, forcing the body to produce insulin for hours to keep the blood sugar from doing too much damage to all the sensitive soft tissues. In other words, there will be prolonged damage done to all blood vessels and sensitive tissues after consuming such idiotic slave garbage as oats.
I’ve explained this many times.

Also, by making this statement, you admit that blood sugar levels should be kept as low and as natural as possible, which also means that you admit that any kind of carbohydrate is toxic as it raises blood sugar above normal and safe limits.

Well, the best way to avoid damage from heightened blood glucose is to never consume carbohydrates. And that is why humans are made to run on a fat metabolism where we have this extremely useful process called gluconeogenesis; where we convert fat and amino acids into glucose for the few tissues that needs it – and when physical performance is needed. The process of gluconeogenesis is limitless and thousandfold times quicker than getting glucose from consuming carbs. Your body can convert fat and amino acids into glucose in an instant as you need it, while carbohydrates have to be consumed and digested, which take a lot of time (and drains you of some energy as the digestive system has to work.) And that is why anyone who is properly fat adapted and has a working gluconeogenesis will always outperform an indoctrinated slave who think he or she needs carbohydrates for physical activity (as in carb-loading or consuming carbohydrates during physical exercises like a retarded fool.)

4. Provides Fiber

“Whole grains contain more belly-filling fiber…”

I’ve already explained the idiocy of this. Read more in the provided links.

5. Help Improve Digestion and Relieve Constipation

Constipation affects people of all ages, including women as they approach menopause and particularly adults over the age of 60.
Fiber can help you maintain regular bowel movements. Because we can’t digest dietary fiber from whole foods, it sweeps through our digestive tracts and pulls toxins and waste along with it.

First of all, constipation is not natural, it’s a symptom of consuming the wrong kind of foods – foods that are not species appropriate. There is no such thing as constipation in nature where animals know what they should and should not consume. Constipation is unheard of among people and indigenous tribes that mostly consumed meat. And any human who follows their natural species-appropriate, species-specific carnivorous diet has perfect bowel movements with minimal waste. My stomach was a mess in the past when I lived the “fitness lifestyle,” but has been perfect every single day since I adopted our species-appropriate diet in early 2018. Six and a half years of perfect bowel movements, when in the past I had diarrhea several times a week and also got constipated at times.  All my clients will tell you a very similar story of extremely improved gut health. And that brings us to the next point, that you claim that fiber pushes waste along with it.

Well, there should not be any waste if you consume foods that are appropriate for your physiology. If a food is compatible with your physiology, at least 90 to 95% of it should be absorbed and utilized by the body. And that is what we see with minimally cooked meat and organ meats. Also, when you consume raw meat, you don’t even feel your digestion. It’s effortless for your body. You can do hard work immediately afterward. You never feel stuffed, nauseated, or tired, as you can after consuming something that is not species-appropriate.

The complete opposite would be vegans who shit several times a day as their decaying bodies are desperately trying to get rid of all the non-human and toxic crap they consume.

6. Helps Support a Healthy Weight

Fiber is more than a regulator. High-fiber foods also take up a large amount of space in your stomach while absorbing water. Thus, they help you feel satisfied despite being low in calories.”

I’ve covered this many times. Filling your guts with toxic and damaging fiber is idiotic. If you experience cravings and hunger, if you are afraid to overeat, that is because you are malnourished. Your diet is lacking in nutrients and your body is desperately trying to get you to eat more food in hope that you actually consume something that is nutritious.

We who follow our species-appropriate diet of animal-based foods, as in animal fat and meat are never hungry, and we never have cravings. We don’t even think about food, as we are fully nourished and healthy.

Forcing down toxic food full of fiber only to escape cravings and hunger for a few hours is extremely backwards and retarded. Fix the problem. Nourish yourself!

7. Increase Immunity

Beta-glucans, naturally occurring polysaccharides found in oats and other protective foods like mushrooms, are known to enhance immune function by fighting bacterial infection and lowering inflammation.”

As I’ve explained many times, inflammation is the bodily response to healing. Whenever some tissue is healing, there will be inflammation as damaged cells are being broken down and discharged by bacteria and more fluids and nutrients are localized to assist in the process. Anything that lowers inflammation thus lowers the healing process. Anti-inflammatory is simply the same thing as anti-healing. That is not a good thing, you stupid clowns.

And since this happens, it clearly demonstrates that the toxins and poisonous substances in oats, and similar seeds, pose such a huge threat to the body that it has to prioritize neutralizing that threat, which means less resources to other ongoing processes. Thus, healing in other tissues are temporarily stopped, hence the lowered inflammation. And again, hindering your body from healing is a really bad thing that will lead to some real life-threatening ‘diseases’ down the road.

8. Improves Skin Health

Colloidal oatmeal is a finely ground form of oats used to boost skin health. It can be used topically as a protectant, soothing moisturizer, cleanser and itch-reliever. It works well for skin health because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.”

First of all, this has nothing to do with consuming that toxic slave garbage, this refers to using some extract as a skin lotion. That in itself should not make this point valid on the list, as gullible people will think that their skin will improve by consuming this toxic vile slop, when the exact opposite is true, as your body detoxes some of the toxins found in seeds through the skin (hence acne, blackheads, dandruff, etcetera.)

And as for using it on the skin, it’s an “itch-reliever” because it stops the healing process. Again, “anti-inflammatory” properties are “anti-healing” properties.
If you need anything for your skin, you should use animal fat or egg yolk. However, once you have adopted our natural diet of animal-based foods, have detoxed a little and healed your digestive system, your skin will improve a lot. The biggest secret is animal fat and the nutrients found in liver. If you really want to improve your skin, make sure to consume raw liver from ruminants and get plenty of animal fats (and also some sun light.)

And with that my time is up for this morning. They did not get a single thing right. All their false claims came from the made-up and inverted pseudo-science of “nutrition.” Laughable!

Now, if you are serious about your health and need help, or want some guidance with nutritional plans, health issues, fat loss, and/or transitioning from your current way of eating to our natural species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating, I’m available for both coaching and consultation.

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