The Broken Gary Brecka Diet

Today we return to the medical shill-website Healthline and their latest attempt at being “neutral” as they reviewed the Gary Brecka Diet, so let’s review their review, as it presents a great opportunity to bust Brecka’s tiny balls. So, who is Gary Brecka? Well, he’s just another “biohacking” charlatan trying to sell you supplements and tailored “nutritional recommendations” based on his “genetic testing kits,” which are complete pseudo-science and nonsense. Healthline describe him as […]

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Human History: Losing Body Fat is Not Hard

The other day CNN featured an article on “weight loss,” kind of glorifying body fat as a survival tool, which it once was while claiming that it’s really hard to lose it, which it absolutely is not. While the article is biased, it’s not that terrible for something published by the Jesuit-controlled CNN. Let’s break it down. “(CNN) — If you think it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off, you are not

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Skinny Fat and the ABC of Body Composition for Women

Today we once again return to T-Nation and their ‘Chief Content Officer’ Chris Shugart and another breakdown of a study from 2020 on women and body composition. The study was focused on what they call “Normal-Weight Obesity,” or simply ‘NWO,’ as in a funny pun on ‘New World Order,’ as we see these ‘skinny fat’ people everywhere nowadays. Actually, Shugart explains it well in his funny introduction; “Talk to the average out-of-date dietician and

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Toxic Sugar-Water “Milk” Replacements for Slaves

Muscle & Fitness, once a front-runner in the Bodybuilding- and Fitness industry, but since the 90’s a mainstream publication pushing the elite’s slave agendas, recently published an article about the vile and extremely toxic plant-based “milks.” As you might know, one of the first symptoms of nutrition deficiencies is mental illness, and that is why vegans are obsessed with imitating real animal foods, which they desperately crave, as in pretending to do meat dishes

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Dieter’s Phobia: Catabolism Explained

As you might know, I worked in the Gym-, Fitness-, Health-, Sports-, Supplement-, and Pharmaceutical Industry as both a Coach/Trainer, Scientist, Educator, Writer/Author, and Editor in Chief for more than 28 years combined. I began coaching in the early 90’s, and I still do. However, I left the industries all together in 2017 when I faced death from tumors and failing organs, and then learned that everything I thought I knew about nutrition, supplements,

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”Superfoods” are Actually Highly Toxic Sh*t Foods

While checking a couple of websites this early morning, I just happened to see that an online publication and supplement company recently released an ‘updated’ formula of their “superfood.” Yes, these toxic ‘greens’ powders are still a thing. Gullible people within the Fitness industry make smoothies or put it in their protein shakes believing that they are healthy. Vegans drink them by the gallons in hope to nourish their malnourished, decaying, and dying bodies.

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Creatine is a Conditionally Essential Nutrient and Most People are Deficient

We’ve known about the importance and interesting properties of creatine for well over 30 years now, and every year or so, more evidence emerge beyond the initial benefits of creatine simply being a key nutrient for short physical bursts and explosive movements, especially when it comes to cognition and mental health. Now, this should not be surprising. In fact, it’s highly logical, as it is a nutrient found in abundance in meat. That in

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